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  1. The Brick

    The Void

    Minorly bumping this thread to direct people to this excellent 'Let's Play' of The Void. This is your ticket if think you would enjoy the art side of the game, but not so much the tedious gameplay aspects. It's also great if you've already played it and would like to learn a lot more about the...
  2. The Brick

    anyone at get a wrench?

    I don't need one, the one I have is better.
  3. The Brick

    Engineer Update Website Now Live: Day One

    The Valve servers are too busy exploding to handle any page requests.
  4. The Brick

    Upgrading to a HD 5770...

    Use a knife to pry the cooler off.
  5. The Brick

    The Void

    Also I exaggerated with 'ten hours' of time wasted, but I restarted the game twice after about 2-3 hours in. It was because I finally figured out, for example, how to plant trees efficiently. I didn't immediately get to a dead end, but it was worth starting over because it made things a lot...
  6. The Brick

    Recommend me a new mouse

    The Copperhead does have 4 sidebuttons (2 on each side). It has regular DPI settings (400-800-1600-2000 if I remember correctly). Though the shape only lends itself (comfortably) for claw grips. I'd say try before you buy. The Krait I mentioned is sort of a smaller version of the copperhead...
  7. The Brick

    Recommend me a new mouse

    Razer krait. No side buttons though, it's the only gripe.
  8. The Brick

    Happy Birthday Dekstar!

    I knew it was coming, but I missed the opportunity to make the thread again this year, sorry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Also, ****ing lol.
  9. The Brick

    The Void

    Keep in mind that getting frustrated and angry as hell because you realized you've been doing something wrong for ten hours and got to a dead end, having to restart the game, is a fully intentional part of the game's design. A great deal of the experience is to learn how handle Color. I loved...
  10. The Brick

    IOGraph, post your mouse tracks NAO

    12.5 hours. Inverted is awesome as desktop:
  11. The Brick C problems, again

    Nope, Eclipse (for Java EE).
  12. The Brick

    The Holy Grail of Graphics Processing

    Right on. This is nothing new or clever or useful for games. It might be well done, but it's not going to be moving or interactive. Just static. I'm not sure about the physics (meaning collision detection). If that last part would work out, this might be interesting for the parts of a scene that...
  13. The Brick C problems, again

    This idea was too fun to not spend a few minutes on! I used a single array solution. This one scales too. I didn't have a C environment ready, so I used Java. I tried to write it comprehensibly instead of efficiently or short, so that you might get something out of it. This idea would work fine...
  14. The Brick

    LHC webcast

    Is anyone following the LHC event webcast right now? They just ramped the beams up successfully to 3.5 TeV and will make the beams collide soon; for the first time at max capacity (for this year) at 7 TeV. You can follow semi-realtime statistics of the...
  15. The Brick

    Best Stalker game to get?

    Mods can make Clear Sky a fantastic game, more enjoyable than SOC for me. Took me 48 hours of constructing a modpack, but I love it. Default is quite lame indeed. Haven't played the new one yet.
  16. The Brick Permutations in C

    Dan's solution can be done recursively to solve that.
  17. The Brick

    League / Competitive play?

    I'm not in. Aside from real-life occupations, I don't think I'd enjoy BC2 as a competitive game.
  18. The Brick

    Happy Birthday Pitzy

    I'll be the first to wish you a normal happy birthday, Powl.
  19. The Brick

    [PC] In-game name

    The Brick / The Brick. Perhaps collect a list in the first post, shaker?