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  1. Dr.IndianaJones

    Jurassic World Trailer!

    The Park opens June 12, 2015!
  2. Dr.IndianaJones

    Feedback Thread

    So since some of us do lots of graphics work, I figured I would start this thread. I need some feedback on my latest project - This is one of a few designs I'm doing for my class portfolio project. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
  3. Dr.IndianaJones

    The Second Annual Saxxy Awards are (Almost) HERE!

    LIGHTS...CAMERA...ACTION... Grab your drink and popcorn! The last can of polish is being placed on Team Fortress 2's almighty awards - THE SAXXY'S. Starting this Friday, Nov. 30th you can watch the Second Annual Saxxy Awards - LIVE at 7:00 pm EST. Don't forget that the winner of "Best...
  4. Dr.IndianaJones

    [ENDED] TF2 Halloween Update - Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special

    Today, October 26th, marks the start of the the fourth annual Halloween update for Team Fortress 2. This year's Scream Fortress event is entitled "The Fourth Annual Spectral Halloween Special", and will focus on Merasmus the Magician, the Soldier's now enraged ex-roommate. Running from October...
  5. Dr.IndianaJones

    Steam Crashes after logging in.

    Hello everyone, It seems today (10/23/12) I have been having a problems with steam. I will log in to steam, then I get to the main page and then it just shuts down. I've tired logging in again and its the same thing. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Dr.IndianaJones

    Lets share your "Ghost Stories" - 2012 edition.

    It's that time of the year again, as people get ready for Halloween. Lets share any creepy or scary situations that may have happened to you or someone you may know. Also you may share any ghost story books that you think would be a good read. I have a few that I will share later... Some...
  7. Dr.IndianaJones

    ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up : 1st July 2012

    Half Life 2: Episode 3 concept art released! Did you believe in magic when you watched Meet the Pyro? We are getting to the "Source" of things with the new Source Film Maker. Robots rumored to invade TF2 soon? New merchandise in the Valve Store. Cold Stream DLC for L4D will be "streaming" to you...
  8. Dr.IndianaJones

    ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up - 26th June 2012

    Want to know what is going with these strange items being found in TF2? Who is ready for Pyromania and Meet the Pyro? Portal 2 is free for schools? Shut up and take my money for that Gordon Freeman action figure. Find out all this and more in our late'st (ha - see what I did there) video round...
  9. Dr.IndianaJones

    Valve and Adult Swim are teaming up for something....

    Adult Swim, the adult-oriented cable television network that shares channel space with Cartoon Network - for ages 18 and older - has just announced something special is on its way. Valve and Adult Swim are teaming up for something that you'll probably enjoy. Stop back next week to check out what...
  10. Dr.IndianaJones

    Looking for someone to help me with a steam workshop project.

    Hi everyone, I have some really cool ideas to add to the steam workshop, such has some neat DOTA hero skins. Problem is I can't do any 3D modeling (trust me, I have tried). I was wondering if anyone would like to help me with this task. Please let me know. Thanks, Indy
  11. Dr.IndianaJones

    Looking at building a new computer...what should I get?

    Hello all, Since I will be graduating from college in a few months, I'm thinking its about time to build a new system for myself. I'm looking about everything new except for the video card and monitors. (just got those last year) I want to keep the budget within the range of $500 to $1000 (I...
  12. Dr.IndianaJones

    BioShock 2 - Viral Campaign Site / News **Could Be Spoilers**

    So some of you may or may not know about and a little bit of the story for BioShock 2. More info about SitS here. Anyway, Mark Metzler's daughter is missing and is said she was taken by the "big sister" down to Rapture. People can write to Mr. Metzler with any...
  13. Dr.IndianaJones

    Someones going around saying there is an open beta

    This is all lies! I told everyone on the Steam Chat about this. I got a message today about a so called "open beta" to l4d2. Here is the message - Most likely that person got there account hacked. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Also I wasn't sure if this was the...