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  1. staticprimer

    Katzenjammer, the best new band I've heard in a while

    They are out of Norway, but sing in english (perfectly). Oh and they all can play each others' instruments and swap between lead vocals.
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    Play snake on Youtube

    Don't know how widely known this is, but I just found it out. Play any video on youtube and pause it. Hold down the left and up arrows on your numpad (make sure numlock is off). You are now playing snake.
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    Jon Stewart does Glenn Beck Enjoy.
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    US Healthcare from an insider

    With all the debate about a public healthcare option going on now, PBS has an interview with a man named Wendell Potter, who as worked in the healthcare industry for 20 years. In the interview they go into why he was in his job and what made him quit and become a critic of the healthcare...
  5. staticprimer

    MSNBC has fun with conservative "tea parties"

    This had me laughing pretty hard.
  6. staticprimer

    Transparency glitch

    Hey, I hope someone will be able to help me with this. I have been getting graphical glitches on transparent and partially transparent objects in multiple games. It is most prominent in things such as trees or glass. It's kind of difficult for me to describe so I took a couple of screenshots...
  7. staticprimer

    Synchronized Debating I thought that this was pretty funny. The "my friends" at the end was really creepy though.
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    Partial internet access?

    This just cropped up about an hour ago. I can only access some websites, and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to them. I can access aim, but I can't access Steam. I have reset both my router and my computer already. Any ideas?
  9. staticprimer

    All your decisions are belong to me.

    Heard this on countdown with Keith Olberman tonight and had to do a double take to make sure I heard it right. Fast forward to 4:11 I lol'd that this made it into a prime time political show.
  10. staticprimer

    Nostalgia overload

    So I just started playing Shining Force 2 again on an emulator (don't worry I own the game, but my sega genesis is broken), and holy shit this is bringing back memories. Seriously, there are few games that have made as much of a mark on me, simply because this was one of the first truly great...
  11. staticprimer

    Wallace and Gromit in production

    So the guys who made the Sam & Max episodes are making a Wallace and Gromit game. There isn't much information right now, but I am looking forward to this!
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    Best day of class ever

    So I'm in a class dealing with issues relating to the 1st amendment and censorship this summer, and throughout the course, GTA kept being mentioned by various people in the class. Yesterday my professor said he wanted to see this game and asked if anyone could bring it in. I said I would, and...
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    Activation limit removed Doesn't affect actual activation, but there's no longer a limit to how many times you can install it on any number of machines.
  14. staticprimer

    Former PM Bhutto killed Just minutes ago it was announced that Former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto was killed by an assassin on her way to speak at a rally. This is a tremendous blow to the stabilization of Pakistan and will likely cause a...
  15. staticprimer

    Sigur Ros music videos

    I've been watching them recently, and they are by far the best I've ever seen. Each one has my full attention for every second and leaves me speechless afterwards. Brilliant videos for a brilliant band. P0AZIFmkogY PDxMQaMqsig okLCurB1lJw
  16. staticprimer

    svchost.exe - pain in the ass

    I'm getting 80-90% CPU utilization on one of the svchosts and I can't seem to get it fixed. I've tried the hotfix, disabling auto-updates, ran two spyware scans and am running virus scan right now, but I doubt anything will come up as I haven't gotten a virus in at least two years. I've spent...
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    PS3's sleeper hit

  18. staticprimer

    Amsterdam is in ______?

    I had an... interesting argument with a friend earlier today. She had said her friend was going to Amsterdam for Oktoberfest. I said I would prefer to go to Germany for Oktoberfest, to which she replied, "Amsterdam is in Germany!" ... We argued for a minute, and it got even better when a...
  19. staticprimer

    Favorite new graphics

    There were plenty of new graphics features in Ep2, so what was everyone's favorite? Personally I loved that the flashlight now casts shadows on everything. Doors, windows, fences, skulls, everything. It made me "whoa" out loud the first time I saw it.
  20. staticprimer

    Computer build problem

    I am building a computer for my roommate, but I am having a blue screen problem as soon as Windows loads. It first appeared when installing windows using his computer, the first phase went fine, but during the second phase actually inside windows, I got a very brief blue screen and a restart...