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    Prize Pools and Engine Upgrades - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    kinda odd to add improvements to source 1 instead of source 2
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    The Valve Holiday sale-ARG

    "insert I want to believe poster here"
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    What are the leaked "hl3.txt" and "rpg.txt" files all about?

    This has to be something recent(earliest when they first started work on source 2). There's no way valve would have thought they could pull off an RPG on Source 1
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    Dota 2 getting vulkan

    so it's getting vulkan and they are working on getting vulkan on source 2 in general.
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    Valve Discusses "Photogrammetry" VR Experiments

    spiritual successor to FMV games?
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    What valve's working on So just a brief recap, they are working on a major update with new maps, cosmetics and a new campaign. According to them it should be out by the end of the year, so expect it to come out late 2020. And no new Halloween map this year, but...
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    CS:GO Update Overhauls Player Animation, Rigging, Hitboxes

    but if we're talking about soon in Valve time then yes it will be very soon.
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    TF2 Update Hints At "Invasion" Alien Update

    everyone remember the invasion update video a while ago that got put up than taken down?
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    Garry's mod sequel in development

    original story on PC gamer So after 10 years it's getting a sequel, not much information on it yet, but they want to do a lot with VR. Hopefully valve is giving them source 2 to work with.
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    Dota 2 "The Reborn Update" Release "In the Coming Weeks"

    well the bigger map sizes could be great for the games if used properly. and better modding tools would be something the community would love. Maybe porting them over isn't the first thing they have to do right now, but they should probably do it at some point. Especially since it's going to be...
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    Dota 2 "The Reborn Update" Release "In the Coming Weeks"

    when did they say that?
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    Dota 2 "The Reborn Update" Release "In the Coming Weeks"

    time to start placing bets on what gets a source 2 upgrade next. TF2 or CS:GO?
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    Hands-On With The HTC Vive, SteamVR & ApertureVR: ValveTime Spotlight Exclusive

    I'm calling it now. The title to release with the vive is a VR Ricochet on source 2
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    TF2 "PASS Time" Beta Gamemode Released

    Now if we could just get an SFM 7 hour war movie...
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    Dota 2 "10v10" Custom Gamemode Released

    And somewhere out on the internet. The collective LoL fanbase is raging at Riot
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    Windows 10 thread

    just a note on game compatibility. Before I upgraded I wasn't able to play Sim City 4. The game would never stay up for some reason it would just keep minimizing. After installing windows 10 I can actually run it now. Not sure If that's going to be the same for other old games. But I think it's...
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    Half-Life 3 and VR

    you didn't read my post at all did you? At what point do I suggest anything that would require a VR headset to enjoy?
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    Half-Life 3 and VR

    Now let me get this out of the way. I am NOT saying HL3 is going to be a VR exclusive. Anyways. I've been thinking about some stuff ever since the funhaus post on HL3 and the actual video of them. Where they say Valve wouldn't push a new HL game till they wanted to push a new technology or idea...
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    FunHaus' Thoughts On Half Life 3 Current Status

    While I do think that them holding it as a trump card and the small team are very questionable considering the JIRA leak. VR doesn't sound too far off from the truth. While I don't think it's going to be VR exclusive. I think the games going to be built in a way that it's heavily designed as a...
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    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Aged 55

    Anyone else really curious to see what direction a new CEO could take the company in? (and no I don't mean that in a "I'm glad he's dead now good things can happen" way)