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  1. Sai

    do you have to purchase this game?

    I thought you just had to have half life 2 installed....
  2. Sai

    you have to purchase cs:source?

    I thought you just had to have half life 2 installed??? Edit: wrong forum, newbie mistake from a vet of these forums, haha.
  3. Sai

    My school gets out after thursday, what about yours?

    Way too excited for summer to get going. Junior was in fact a very challenging academic year but it did have its rewards. I'm the new President of my schools debate club next year and I managed to take two ap tests which I think I did pretty well on. But all in all, I'm more than ready for...
  4. Sai

    Check out the new Doom Movie trailer! Be sure to click on the theatrical version, the teaser sucks.
  5. Sai

    hl1 vs hl2

    which one did you have more fun playing?
  6. Sai

    martha gets her freedom back tonight she's free!!!!!!!!.....under house arrest......
  7. Sai

    sixth harry potter book gone gold! titled harry potter and the half-blood prince
  8. Sai

    according to the critics.....

    Half-Life 2 made it to the top ten at gamerankings, it's number five. .....that's better than halo 2......
  9. Sai

    A.I. will not load

    i got the game yesterday and everything worked fine, but when i loaded it up today the a.i. did not load. is their a console command to fix this?
  10. Sai

    Happy Eidmubarak!!!

    well at least it is in the southwestern part of the U.S. after 30 days of fasting it's sort of a releif for me for this day to finally come, this is i think my third year to do a full-time fasting, so i'm sort of used to it. not sure how many muslims are in these forums but atleast i'm...
  11. Sai

    "Final Hours of Half-Life2" dated

    gamespot let that bit of info slip when discussing the second rumor in this week's rumor control.
  12. Sai

    Electoral Vote predictor says kerry would win if elections were held today
  13. Sai

    It's Haloween!!!!!!!

    so, what are you kids planning to do tonight?
  14. Sai

    heh, alien hominid is coming out the same day as half-life2
  15. Sai

    halo2 review at Nov.9 in ign
  16. Sai

    oh noes!!!111, not again!; Bard's Tale "leaked" fargo...that ass :P btw, first bard's tale review that's pretty much what i suspected the game would get. pretty much
  17. Sai

    something i've always wanted to ask new members...

    exactly what is your reason for registering at instead of any other forums?? is the valve info thread really that popular and well known or something? don't get me wrong, this is obviously the best forum for hl2 on the net, i was just curious to see why people register here. *sai...
  18. Sai

    final hours of half life 2 read the very bottom it states something to definately be looking forward to in wait of half-life2! this is waay to much good information in one day for my brain to handle lol
  19. Sai

    halo 2.......PIRATED!!! this is just insane, i mean someone's got to do something about this pirating issue....NOW i mean come on....halo 2!?!?!?!?!
  20. Sai

    Bard's tale is the gold!!! i might be the only person in this forum that has been seriously following this game, but man am i happy about this! i'm a huge fan of fargo's work (fallout 1&2, dark alliance, neuromancer), he really is the single best role-playing...