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    VAC Coming Soon

    it would be nice if they update the damn thing from now on, there are tons of cheats working on the VAC they have now..
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    Strange Creature (spoiler?)

    i think this is one of those alien gunships, they are being processed into alien gunships it seems.
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    I am stuck at the very begining

    people like him are not worthy of playing hl2 in my opinion...
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    Go away 56kers you bastards!

    why is dsl so expensive in the US.. i got 8mbit down and 1mbit up for 65 euro.. wich is standard here.
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    Why doesn't Valve shut down that major torrent site and crackers?

    All bit torrent sites do is providing people with a link to where you can download them, they do not host the files on their servers. It my country its legal to link to it and to download it, only uploading it is illegal, so only servers in the US can be shutdown, but then still, they are just...
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    My 1st map - Buggyrace

    check you should check out the video tutorials, it helped me create a map :)
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    One-click console problem

    Yeah turns peoples posts into ads.. very sad.. anyway, i have the same problem with steam, i think everyone has that problem..
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    Source Engine Update Released

    I like MP too, i have a average ping of 45 wich is not bad.
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    Read! Reason For Hl2dm Lag!

    my ping was around 45 everytime, not bad. i got a 2mbit dsl line though
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    THis is so ****ing great

    I never wanted hl2 multiplayer, im fine with CS source, i didnt like the original hl multiplayer. But damn this is so much fun i can't stop playing.. people are going crazy with the gravity gun :)
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    some suggestions

    i think content is more important than looks.. by the way they just changed the whole site/forum layout and its nice the way it is.
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    Video: kid beats his hl2 with baseball bat

    the game is slow... slower than the way he speaks ? this guy was either very drunk or very high. it was funny anyway :)
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    Get rid of "in post" ads?

    This is so ****ing stupid, having banners on your site to keep it running is understandable but turning peoples posts into advertisements is just wrong. i have blocked all ads on now with firefox because of this rude way of earning money.
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    Help in dark energy!

    ffs what a bunch of idiots.. if you have a shity pc DONT PLAY A NEW GAME AND COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.
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    Valve 1, Warez Kiddies 0

    if people get a good hacked version of the game then a steam account will be created for them, valve can't stop that. its very simple
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    Help me test my map

    all i wanted was someone to play with :( im all alone boohoo :(
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    Where is the Hydra?

    i think they said the hydra was too hard to code and they couldnt perfect it so they had to leave it out, maybe it will be in hl3
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    Half-Life all about time travel.

    its just a video game people.. not science, lets blast some ant lions and forget about it
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    Best/Worst chapter?

    Best : the last chapter with the new manipulator gun Worst : nova prospekt
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    Help me test my map

    yeah i know the map isnt anything special, its my first map ever, i still have to add the bricks :)