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  1. DimitriPopov

    Go go Total Sytem Crash

    I just wanted to check in and see if anyone else is having this problem. When Im playing CS:S , this has happened twice today. My system just simply reboots. Ill be playing merrily and all of a sudden silence and a black screen , then I realise its rebooting. Thats a pretty big error , but I...
  2. DimitriPopov

    Whats the point?

    Whats the point of Steam if it doesnt offer cheaper prices than retail? CounterStrike:ConditionZero is still 40$ on Steam, thats probably MORE expensive than it would be in stores. I thought Steam was supposed to offer the game makers and end consumers an advantage by cutting out the middleman...
  3. DimitriPopov

    DVDDrive mass suicide

    In the past few weeks my DVD drive (DVD Rom and DVDBurner) have taken a quick downward spiral. It first started when my DVDRom stopped reading disks suddenly, my computer was only reading what was in the DVDBurner tray. Now my DVDBurner wont write, but thats my secondary concern. The DVDRom ...
  4. DimitriPopov

    So just to double check...(about CSS beta)

    There is no invite to this CS:S beta , its givent to all CS:Z players? If this is true , its a great sales gimmick/drive. Its probably going to work on me.
  5. DimitriPopov

    Gamespot movie on the disc?

    So I saw that the Gamespot magazine has a disc with a HL2 movie on it. Should I correctly assume that its old footage , or Im wondering and hoping I know in vain , that it could be some hi-res movie of the newer stuff weve gotten..
  6. DimitriPopov

    My History Prof Sez: tl/dr

    I never thought this would happen to me , my papers are always so hopelessly short. This time my history Research Paper was about 3 pages too long , my god. So since I can revise it I get to castrate my own damn paper , Im not looking forward to that. The professor is a cool guy , and I asked...
  7. DimitriPopov

    My new sig , and Civil War novels

    The sight of Picketts charge July 3, 1863. His division was destroyed with 60% casualties. Everyone should read the 3 Shaara civil war books they are all great. The description of Picketts charge was astounding and humbling , it actually had me excited , nervous , sad and angry. The Killer...
  8. DimitriPopov

    Holy Movie Player!?

    Now Im skeptical because this is just too damn good to be true , but the player itself is only 30$ but Id have to buy a Compact Flash card reader and flash cards but still , this is awsome!
  9. DimitriPopov

    My Headset is competing with my speakers!

    I need a compromise! They wont stop! I just bout an Altec L. headset with mic , the mic works fine but I have a problem: the heaphones plug into the same plug as my Creative 2.1 speakers do , so its either one or the other right now. Do they make a Y-connector that would work for me? Would it...
  10. DimitriPopov

    Full Spectrum Warrior: Anticipation. If you watch Tactical to Practical on the History Channel you may have heard of this. Its a military sim thats actually used by the US Army to train soldiers and...
  11. DimitriPopov

    Unveling a new sig , and hating Michael Moore. Michael Moore has to be the most applauded liar and idiot I have ever seen. His movie Bowling for Columbine won an Oscar , for LYING :-/ It aggrivates me that so many still believe what he says , and its too bad I never have the energy to tell them that his whole movie...
  12. DimitriPopov

    What MP3 Device do you own?

    I just got a Sony NetMD Atrac Mini-Disc player , it was only 100 bucks and I have 4 CDs on it (Enough storage for me). I love it , I needed it for my tedious job lol. I wanted to get an iPod , but they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive , plus they charge more for the base modle than they did for the...
  13. DimitriPopov

    MaxPayne 2 Savegames?

    I really want to see the Alternate ending so I was wondering if anyone knows of or has any savegames from the last few levels of the Dead on Arival mode? Id really appreciate it , thnx.
  14. DimitriPopov

    Proving the "Hate the popular" Theory.

    Well it has come to my attention a long time ago that when introduced to a large number of people a product will become noticably more criticised the longer its around and the more popular it becomes. The easiest case is Music. Many many times Ive seen bands that sound almost identical in all...
  15. DimitriPopov

    Is it just me??

    Or has this place gotten outrageously boring? Its almost to the point where Im going to have to start going out and doing stuff in the REAL world....We need more interesting threads and stuff....
  16. DimitriPopov

    GG Malaysia , you win. President Bush pulled aside Malaysia's prime minister on Monday and rebuked him for his statement last week that "Jews run the world." Omfg , this guy cant be serious. It was infront of an Islamic confrence no...
  17. DimitriPopov

    Matrix Thread (contd)

    Continued discussion from this thread... I think that the governing council is the first chosen people. They are all the elders of current Zioneese , it is this that makes me think Morpheous is not one of them , he maybe be of an early generation , but he is not of the original...
  18. DimitriPopov

    Max Payne 2 (Without PG-13)

    Heres a new thread to talk about Max Payne 2 without chit-chat about how youre 13 and stuff. If you dont have it yet , get it! His voice (one of the best parts) is the same as the first one , plus they say MF alot , which is not in itself cool but means they (the makers) dont pull any...
  19. DimitriPopov

    Max Payne 2 Pwns Me

    Yay , I got Max Payne 2. It looks great , one HUGE problem though. None of the graphic novels or ingame videos work! If I got to 'Previously' for example its just a flat blue screen with sound. When the videos ingame play and a name comes up like 'Max Payne' as text I can see that , but...
  20. DimitriPopov

    The Beta is old , obvious proof.

    This may be discussed to death but its also an argument that needs to be defeated. There are clear evidences that this is an old build of the game that was poorly guarded. Possibly a test build for Gabe to use and show off. Anyway , here is my evidence , im not here to discuss others. Well we...