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    anyone making a SWAT 4 type mod?

    i just played swat 4 VIP gamemode and i like the non lethal weapons and gadgets and being able to arrest people. It is kind of a slower paced game though, I think it would be really neat if somebody made a Swat type addition to counter strike, possibly with counter strike running speeds but...
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    Strife Mod Coder Needed

    Currently we are in need of a single coder but anybody interested may apply. There is a basic introduction after this paragraph, but even more information will be given to applicants. We have a website and a small team. Applicants, contact me via email aim or msn which are listed at the bottum...
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    HELP Help Help HELP! some where in the article above doesn't gabe say that at one point they totally redid half life 1 because it just wasn't fun to play? I can find the quote can someone help....
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    Any mappers want to create huge sprawling landcapes?

    For our mod? Could be fun... aim - poisonspider35 msn - [email protected]
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    what is the opposite of HIT-SCAN

    what are the opposite of hit-scan weapons? i mean, i know they are slower projectile weapons, but there is a small phrase for them aswell.
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    Need a web designer. Must be able to fully setup and tweak a section for forums and must have time to create it within the next day or two. You will get access to concept art for webdesign, and the mod itself when playable. contacts aim - poisonspider35 msn - [email protected]
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    how do you slow down physics?

    how do you slow down/stop in midair the stuff thats affected by physics and what is the default aswell so after i fool around with it i can change it back to normal. thanks edit: is there just a list of WORKING codes i tried some that didnt work at all
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    Strife: a Source TC

    Looking for 2 experienced coders for Strife. Strife is an online first person shooter that demands a small amount of dedication from the player, because of its complexity. The game elements themselves are simple to understand, but becoming a veteran is intended to be challenging. Features...
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    Needs 2 experienced Coders To create a sci fi team based fps game features include -jetpacks -deployables -vehicles -skill based weapon that require you to lead your target and a whole load of other fun stuff. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.
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    multiplayer modes joke

    i just found why would the admin write that? hes joking correct?
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    purchasing question

    sooooooo there are 3 online packages.but i want to probably get the actual box, and buy it in a store, but i havent decided if i want HL2 and Css only, or HL2 hl1s css and dods. so bonze and silver are offered in stores? or is there only 1 package available in the stores...
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    counter strike source DOD source

    so i read in a magazine for counter strike source that there was something "Special" about it. like that nobody knows. uhh, any ideas on what it is? like im imagining something that even the beta testers arent getting. maybe the beta testers didnt get everysingle bit of content for counter...
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    question order through steam and burn?

    if we order through steam and use the preload thing, could you potentialy still burn half life 2 onto a cd? and have multiplayer and all that stuff still work. just so you can have an actual physical copy? :burp:
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    Artists Look Here

    :flame: I am leading a Half Life2 mod, and need artists. I have all the other positions filled, and my team is very talented. So if your interested Aim me (poisonspider35) or Msn me ([email protected]) Oh and I will give you more infomation when you aim me...:dork: :cheers...
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    Half Life2 Beta Leak Poll

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    Source Code . question

    i know nobody knows FORSURE if its real or not pretend it is real what could you do with it, whats it matter if its leaked.....?
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    my mom or brother

    since im going to be in school when half life2 is released, im making them get it for me.........immediatly.........!!! how bout u
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    benchmarking related question

    sorry i havent been keeping up with the benchmarks i saw one real quick one bench mark and i think it showed the person getting 10 frames persecond so please dont flame me (its so near the half life2 realease date i have to know) will my comp handle it well you think? geforce4 ti4200...
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    Dont pay the subscription fee ;)

    if you buy the game using the subscription fee and play it for 5 years(and you get the extra content they make free) it will cost you 600 dollars just use the method where you purchase each game. in the long run you will save more of your money, you would have to buy 6 $100 games! to...
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    Hl2's Mulitplayer Possibility

    People keep asking Valve will half life2 have team fortress2 with it....or counter strike.... first ide like to say, they wont answer your question and anyone who says they got a real answer back is a lier second thing ide like to say is, has anyone ever thought that the multiplayer wont...