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    Troy: Divine Playground Nearing Completion

    it doesn't look like it will be a very big hit to me, but im sure they all gained valuable experience and some of it was very well done but overall i dont think it will appeal at least to me, but i will try it
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    Insurgency Mod Update!

    looks awesome but i want crosshairs :( . ill try it first but I doubt ill like the no crosshair bit
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    "Empires" Media Update

    the maps need work but other then that its looking pretty decent. this may be the next big mod. yes they definatly need there own textures for maps aswell
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    Sven Co-op 2 Media Update

    looking hot, much better then sven coop 1 this game will rock as long as it doesnt lag
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    Troy: Divine Playground Media

    . holy crap thats a nice render - owns most every other mods renders ive seen great work i want to play something origonal on the half life 2 engine - cant wait!
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    anyone making a SWAT 4 type mod?

    i just played swat 4 VIP gamemode and i like the non lethal weapons and gadgets and being able to arrest people. It is kind of a slower paced game though, I think it would be really neat if somebody made a Swat type addition to counter strike, possibly with counter strike running speeds but...
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    Project: Rebirth in need of additional C++ Coders

    I am everywhere. If you like Tribes then you may be interested in the project. With quite a few coders and coding already completed it looks like you would be joining a strong team. I have sent the rebirth team a few talented team-members so I know first hand that this mod has some potential.
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    Strife Mod Coder Needed

    if anybody is interested in coding but not sure if they want to join this mod please simply message me by aim or msn and let me tell you more about it in private...
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    Strife Mod Coder Needed

    Currently we are in need of a single coder but anybody interested may apply. There is a basic introduction after this paragraph, but even more information will be given to applicants. We have a website and a small team. Applicants, contact me via email aim or msn which are listed at the bottum...
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    Help offered

    I sent you an email or you can reach me over aim or msn aim - poisonspider35 msn - [email protected]
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    HELP Help Help HELP!

    yes help me find it? i need the exact quote
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    HELP Help Help HELP! some where in the article above doesn't gabe say that at one point they totally redid half life 1 because it just wasn't fun to play? I can find the quote can someone help....
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    Help Wanted - Skinner Needed

    this mod i am looking forward too, i hope its what i think it is. but sorry i am developing my own mod
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    Any mappers want to create huge sprawling landcapes?

    and it's not very hard to message me on aim or msn :P
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    Any mappers want to create huge sprawling landcapes?

    no if they are mappers who are going to map anyways they have nothing to lose if they are interested they will message me and then i will tell them more large rolling hills is all you need to know
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    Any mappers want to create huge sprawling landcapes?

    well then message me on aim or msn
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    Any mappers want to create huge sprawling landcapes?

    For our mod? Could be fun... aim - poisonspider35 msn - [email protected]
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    what is the opposite of HIT-SCAN

    no edcrab :( ive seen it before somewhere I just cannot remember
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    3D Artist / Modeler - Looking for a MOD

    I will be contacting you. Hear me out before joining another team :D