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    Vehicles like the airboat in cs:s?

    Anyone know a way to bring the airboat to cs:S? Wish valve would add the prop_vehicle_xxx entities to cs:s. Heh, i want to use the entity and just replace it with my own models. Whats venice without jetskis? =( *cry*
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    importing models from max to hammer

    I have searched and read various websites on how to do this properlly. I have thus far figured out how to convert them to smd's and i have a semblance of understanding the qc files. But where i have not yet got past is the compiling of the qc's themselves. With gui studiomdl compiler i get the...
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    DoD:S higher res pic, of earlier posted picture. map/hammer pic this pic was posted earlier but this is just higher res of it, also the hammer picture of it pre render. I'm pretty sure that a vast majority of those textures...
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    New interview with troika

    new interview here
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    source engine chosen for mmorpg SMILING GATOR PRODUCTIONS CHOOSES SOURCE(TM) Source Engine Licensed for Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game September 21, 2004 - Valve®, developer of innovative technologies and award-winning games, today announced a Source engine licensing partnership with...
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    Logitech MX 1000

    Hey all, I am currently considering picking up a mx 1000 logitech mouse. I'm wondering does anyone here have one? Fisker by chance? How is the refresh in games with it? Does it lag at all? Is it as precise as it claims it is? This mouse will be repolacing my old razer boomslang 2000. So I...
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    small cs:s update tonight
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    preload at 6pm gabe newell
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    Polygon levels of an HL2 map?

    Does anyone know what the max counts are for a hl2 map? I've heard before many times that HL doesnt work like this, because of the way its rendered. Does anyone know what the max counts are for a multiplayer level in HL2? I only ask because I've been working on a design concept in max that...