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    Fascinating look at the ongoing psychological evolution of flat hieirarchies.

    If this stuff is true, it's good to at least hear something on how/why the status of Half Life is where it's at, and Valve in general.
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    Maybe something real

    Gabe says new games on the way.
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    What Would You Guys Want From Half-Life 3 ?

    An actual game
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    Gabe & Erik Appear on Episode 1 of Geoff Keighley Podcast, Gameslice

    I'd pay $60 for a new HL game with same graphics and design as HL 2. I also dont understand why some developers recently have downplayed single player. If the single player model wasnt a money maker then someone tell that to the creaters of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, GTA, and numerous other...
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    Merle Dandridge is working on HL3?

    I'm in afghanistan right now and just finished another play through of half life in my down time. Kind nostalgic and also wishing one day(like when i get back to the states) that half life 3 woud be released.
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    Mass Effect 3

    The ending choices sucked but I wouldn't have minded them if they at least put in a true paragon ending. I don't care how lame it sounds, I wanted to be the ultimate hero, which was to unite the galaxy, have them live in peace or at least for a while, defeat the reapers, and have Shepard live...
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    The Episodic Problem

    yeah the artificial intelligence weren't so intelligent in city 17
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    Mass Effect 3 decisions and consequences *SPOILER

    ^ Like you said the choices aren't really choices. The problem I have with that is since they have marketed the whole series as the player making the choices and, many have been positive or paragon, and negative or renegade. I can accept that whatever decision you have to make shepherd dies, but...
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    Mass Effect 3

    The ending definitely shat on the entire series. I thought they were great games and the third was awesome until the last scene. I almost feel cheated.
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    Which Gman is creepier?

    Does anyone else hope valve does not explain g-man's back story in the next game they come out with?
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    Valve is attending E3 2012

    I would gladly take a new DOD game. But I think I'm one of the few gamers that still enjoys WW2 games.
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    A Call for Communication

    I fully agree. Part of the problem with Duke Nukem Forever was development started 10 years before the release. Yeah, there was a big legal battle which is not going on here, but how could anyone expect a game to be any good after being in development that long. The next HL installment is...
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    A Call for Communication

    This isn't related, but i wonder why no one is talking about the Gabe troll that he put out.
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    The No News VGA Announcement: "We are not announcing anything."

    They had released info on the game and part of the long wait was from that idiot leaking the source code. This is much different because they almost dont even acknowledge a HL3 or EP3 existance. I have also given up caring about any realease of info. When it comes out 10 years from now i'll...
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    Possible news on episode 3 voice recording

    Long ago I accepted the fact that HL, the expansions, and the orange box are the only gordon freeman i'm getting for a long time.
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    Fans picketing outside of Valve's office for HL3

    These guys are awesome.
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    Ellen McLain goes back to the studio

    You've forgotten that Valve doesn't do anything with "3" in the title.
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    Guy who left valve possibly has HL3 work on resume

    I dont know if its legit or not i just thought it was a little interesting, because most of the time, not always, but most of everything i've read on game informer is usually not bs. Oh well.
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    Guy who left valve possibly has HL3 work on resume

    I read this on game informer. Unofficially confirmed (like everything else Half Life related) but i thought it was interesting.