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    Half-Life 2 Mod Audio

    Hey, If you of you guys need any assistance in how to record certain sounds, or suggestions to produce certain noises, editing techs, equipment to use, etc. Just post your question in here and I'll help to the best of my ability. :)
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    Modification Audio - FX, Vocal, etc.

    Hey there, I realise this isn't in a mod area, as there isn't a mod area for audio, so I figured this would be the next best thing. I am offering help to anyone who has been giving the task to record audio for the development of a modification. I will help in anyway possible: Recording...
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    Narcissistic Gaming Chatroom - Need help?

    Hey everyone, just to inform you of the new Narcissistic Gaming chatroom on IRC. Drop by if you want to have a chat with any of the team, need help with your mod, or just to hang out. It is on the IRC server '' (without the quotes) The port number is 6667, and the channel...
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    ::OES Voice actors required::

    (Yes, I know I should really put this in the help wanted, but I need it somewhere where a large amount of people will see it :cheers:) Ok, for any who are interestedm we are in need of people to try out to do some voice acting for OES. We need english people, we need american people, we need...
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    Operation Everlasting Shadow COMPETITION - Includes a copy of HL2.

    I, Sniper - as the offical Narcissistic gaming Public Relations Officer (Badger used to be it) am now offically opening the OES competition. We are offering a copy of HL2, a copy of OES AND a limited edition (and I mean limited, it will be the only one) OES CD, containing EVERY bit of media...
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    Texture artist required for mod

    Hey people, We need a experienced texture artist to help out in Operation Everlasting Shadow. We have a damn good artist, but we got him doing too much already, lol - anyone want to help us out?