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  1. Blakeb155

    New "Weird Al" Song

    "Your pitiful", its a parody of James Blunt's "Your beautiful" Its a free download off his website to: check it out
  2. Blakeb155

    What media player do you use?

    I use iTunes, but that's mainly cause I've got an iPod.
  3. Blakeb155

    Please help. My Media error

    I recently moved my Steam directory to another hard disk and deleted the clientregistry.blob file. All my games and media work fine, but when I tried to d/l teaser 4 I get an error that says something like "://steam/install/915 cannot be found" Thanks in advance
  4. Blakeb155

    Google offering 3D-modelling program SketchUp for free

    For all you modellers out there, you can now get a very simple to use modelling program free thanks to the good chaps at Google.
  5. Blakeb155

    Moving Steam to another HD

    Okay, so with the release of Episode 1 getting closer it in unlikely that my current HDD will have enough memory left for it. Luckily I have another one. what I need with is, How do I move my entire Steam directory onto my secondary HDD? Is there any special steps that must be taken?
  6. Blakeb155

    Problem with bots

    I have been unable to use bots for quite a while now. I create a server, select options, number of bots yada yada and while it is loading it comes up and says something like "connection failed after 4 attempts" Any ideas on what the problem is?
  7. Blakeb155

    PSP or DS?

    I'm planning on getting one on the next gen handhelds, which one would you recommend. The PSP isn't out yet over here, is it worth waiting for it or should I get the DS? Which one does everyone think is better?
  8. Blakeb155

    HL2:CTF: Hot or Not?

    I'm fresh off my first time at HL2:CTF (Half-life 2: Capture the Flag for those who don't know) and I just wanted to see what everyone thinks of it. I think its one of the best mods I've ever played. :) If you selected "don't have it" I suggest you download it from here.
  9. Blakeb155

    Name and avatar meanings

    I see so many different names along with so many different(and sometimes strange) avatars. So I was wondering if everyone could post the meanings of there names and avatar here. Here's mine: Name: My name is nothing special, just my first name and last name initial put together. 155 is 3...
  10. Blakeb155

    Hammer Tutorial?

    Hey, could someone please point me in the right direction of a couple of basic Hammer tutorials? Thanks in advance.
  11. Blakeb155

    SP2? Working for you?

    I wanted to know how many people have problems with SP2. I downloaded it ages ago, most of my games wouldn't work, the internet wouldn't work and the computer ran really slow. SO I removed it and everything went back to normal. What are your experiences?
  12. Blakeb155

    Help with Garry's MOD v5.

    I would of posted this in Garry's MOD forums but they seem to be down at the moment. I don't know how to delete things. There must be a console command or something. There's a red button on the wall where you spawn those blocks but that doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how?
  13. Blakeb155

    Return of the Desert Eagle?

    Does anyone know if the desert eagle is coming up in any mods? I, personally, love the desert eagle. It was one of my favourite weapons in OpFor DM.
  14. Blakeb155

    List of Ranks and what you are.

    Does anyone know post amounts are needed to reach the certain aliens/things? i.e. 0 posts = Headcrab.
  15. Blakeb155

    Gordon Freeman: Un-fit!

    Gordon Freeman is very un-fit! Being locked away for so long he must of piled on the pounds. Have you noticed he can only sprint (I'd call it more of a jog) for a very short time. Plus he can't hold his breath for very long either. I hope he gets back into shape before HL3. (BTW, Don't take...