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  1. Zephos

    I Have No Idea About Laptops (Help)

    I actually have no knowledge, please bear with me. I'm studying and potentially living in Japan for the next year or so. I need a laptop to assist me in this endeavour. The issue is I may be moving every six months or so, so a desktop doesn't seem viable unless reselling is a thing. My...
  2. Zephos

    Obama Won

    How are you feeling America?
  3. Zephos

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty

    Full remake of the original Abe's Oddysee. Here's some gameplay footage: Scant details at the moment but it seems like they are trying to go one-for-one with the original. Frankly I don't need much of an excuse to return to Oddworld.
  4. Zephos

    KONY 2012: The Internet Is Stupid

    So the internet has went ablaze with this little video: A video about Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony and some sort of attempt to bring him to justice through an awareness campaign, conveniently buoyed by buying stupid bracelets and setting up posters. My Facebook has exploded with people...
  5. Zephos

    Getting a Tattoo

    Hey guys, I know there's been heaps of threads like this on but I figured I shan't necro. Let me start off by saying I was never a man who wanted a tattoo. I despised the idea of it even going back a year or two ago. I enjoyed floating around ideas in my head of what one could get but...
  6. Zephos

    Ads promoting Safe Sex removed due to Homophobia - More Australian Wankery

    This advertisement: Was pulled after a mere 50 complaints made by members of the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby). Completely stupid shit. Thinly veiled homophobia. How many damn underwear ads or bikini clad in women in shop windows don't promote sexuality on par with this. A...
  7. Zephos

    The Petals Fall Twice: An Erotica (Plus Dramatic Reading)

    Found this the other day. Author has other great posts on his blog. Link to Blog :laugh:
  8. Zephos : Finding Songs in Movies

    Hey guys, a friend of mine started a website ( that attempts to list and compile all the songs within movies and which scenes they appear in. The website is obviously still a fair bit buggy, and still requires a lot more work but he's open to all criticisms. At the moment it's...
  9. Zephos

    Borked Video Card?

    Specs for reference: Video Card: nvidia 8800gt Ram: 2gb DDR2 CPU: E8200 2.66ghz dual core Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3 So basically about a week ago my computer started crashing randomly whilst playing games. This happened a few times, and suddenly when I started to boot my pc my...
  10. Zephos

    How Baby Carrots Are Made

    And other assorted Drewtoothpaste fun.
  11. Zephos

    Studying Literature at University

    After a disastrous foray into Engineering in my first semester of University, I decided to jump ship to something that is akin to my favourite subject in school (English). However, I'm pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, namely where it'll take me in life. I paired it with an...
  12. Zephos

    Zephos Versus the Gargantuan Flu

    Alright so, for the past week I've gotten barely any sleep, have been working heaps and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. So two nights ago I inevitably came down with the flu due to my complete and utter lack of an immune system. Problem is: I have to go camping with my girlfriend...
  13. Zephos

    Ouija Boards

    Who has tried them? Stories? Opinions?
  14. Zephos

    Grizzly Bear's New Album: Veckatimest

    Probably my favourite band at the moment. Their new album is incredible, easily a contender for album of the year: I urge everyone to go...
  15. Zephos

    Memory Loss :(

    Just thought I'd make a thread on this, express my thoughts, will probably extend to tl;dr... but I'm hoping someone can relate or breathe some light onto my current situation. It all began late last year in November during Schoolies, which was essentially a week long graduation party after...
  16. Zephos

    Big Day Out 2009: Gold Coast

    Anyone here heading there on Sunday and want to meet up? Personally can't wait to see TV on the Radio, Cut Copy and Neil Young. Should be pretty swell.
  17. Zephos

    I'm Graduating in Two Hours

  18. Zephos

    How I learnt to Internets. (Gabe and Max) May be old.
  19. Zephos

    Is this game still popular?

    Do people still mother ****ing play? Don't want to download this 500mb patch for nothing.
  20. Zephos

    Can't Login to Account

    Just got my computer back from a lan the other night and after having it in offline mode for a bit, I connected the net and now can't connect to my account. It starts the whole connecting thing, then freezes and goes to the login screen. Once I enter username and password it keeps saying...