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  1. Quek

    My sketches

    after my scanner started to work, i scanned all my drawings. so, my gallery, wiew the first 16 pics. if you want, the rest too. it's here:
  2. Quek

    Let's create a giant internet vocabulary!

    Let's make a giant internet and online games vocabulary! Many players do not know what does for example: -pwned -owned mean. let's translate into normal english all the words that are mostly used on online games and websites. let me start. pwn3d!!!- that means the same as "pwned!!!" 3 is...
  3. Quek

    Strange problem with bots.

    the bots play nice ONLY on de_dust. when i put bots on any other map, they screw up and don't even think of the objectives. just run around the map and shoot eachother. HELP!
  4. Quek

    Half-life comics you made

    represent your h-l comics. - my comic
  5. Quek

    Maybe everything was planned?!

    maybe all these things wich happened to gordon was just cospirancy? every little thing plannned? maybe it was a part of a reality show?! or maybe someone put gordon into virtual reality? what do you think?!
  6. Quek

    strange problem.

    every time i try to connect to a server there is a window "the server is using a newer protocol (7) than your client." help me.
  7. Quek

    How do you think...

    How do the headcrabs duplicate? My theory is, that when a headcrab jumps on a person, it fertilizez that person, and a new headcrab gets out through that persons' stomach(if you look at a zombie from close, its stomach is ripped off.
  8. Quek

    what is a good site to host movies?

    as in the thread.
  9. Quek


    In this thread we'll present robots we drew. but there are rules: 1. Don't present silly things like stickmen. 2. Make your works look good, not something like "1 minute work in MS paint." 3. You can present every kind of robots- Battle mech's, work robots, house robots and many others...
  10. Quek

    loading zone?

    look at that screen
  11. Quek

    headcrab sketch

    i was bored so i drew a headcrab :) actually this is what i remember from how a headcrab sooks.
  12. Quek

    The Incredibles

    I hope some of you have seen this movie. For me it's very good! But i do not post that thread for complementing the film. There is a funny thing about Syndrom(or whatever he's clled). One moment he says he uses "zero-point energy"! Gravity gun is also called Zero-Point energy cannon(i can't...
  13. Quek

    Happy New(ell) year 2005!

    I wish for you all health, money, new progress in Half-Life: deathmatch and CS; Source, next and better mods, a good girlfriends and (maybe) boyfriends (no offense), progress in fan art and everything you wish for me, but twice. If you want, you can post here your new-year-art. here is my...
  14. Quek

    WormsMe's art ;)

    here i'll present my works. For first, two gravty gun scenes(i've drawn them on my russian language lessons). i know they are crap, but whatever.
  15. Quek

    New G-Man work.

    When G-Man was 20 years old he worked in circus. Don't believe? Check it in atachment!
  16. Quek

    Hi There!

    Hi, everybody! I am Polish and i haven't learned whole English. I won't write very often, and if you don't understand one or two of my posts- sorry! :| Greetings,WormsME