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  1. DarkelP

    Trip to wales!

    I'm going on a trip to kilvru in wales tomorrow, i think i spelt the place wrong... Anyone else been there? if so, whats it like? ..anyway, its a geography trip, so i have to do lots of work :( but my holiday starts a whole week before everyone else in my school, then i dont go back to...
  2. DarkelP

    Manhunt tomorrow (uk)

    Hey, manhunt is out tomorrow in europe i would imagine, deffinetly in the uk. If you dont know what it is, its the latest game from Rockstar North (of GTA fame) and is for the playstation 2. I have mine on pre-order, who else is getting it?? Anybody already got it? if so, any good...
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  4. DarkelP

    Offical ps2 mag makes funny...

    ...Ok so i get the offical Playstation 2 magazine in the UK...i hate it, i only get it for the demo's...but i do read the magzine, now heres a snippet from an article on HL2...remeber this magazine is the offical magazine for the PS2: 'Half-life 2 to come to PS2 in 2004...' Ha ha, thats so...
  5. DarkelP

    MSN closing down chat rooms

    Did anyone see the news? MSN are apparently closing down all there chat rooms in an effort to protect children from perverted little ****s, excuse my language. Now this is a good idea i may here you cry, but in fact, its not. If this catches on, it could mean the end of chat rooms as we no...
  6. DarkelP

    Introducing....badly drawn Gordon

    I got bored and saw a badly drawn boy i made badly drawn gordon. (Its quite good tho)
  7. DarkelP

    Kingdom of Loathing

    Ok, I was wondering if anyone has heard of this online rpg? its funny as hell and its helped me wait for Halflife 2, and if you dont know about it, then your missing out frankly! The site is kingdomofloathing Check it out, its a great game :cheers:
  8. DarkelP

    Have you dreamt in colour?

    hey peeps. I was wondering, when you dream, do you dream in black and white or in colour?. My friend said that its rare to have dreams that are in colour, but I dont know. Apparently she read it somewhere. So I was wondering, are your dreams b&w, or colour? just wondering, casue my dreams...
  9. DarkelP

    Characters remind you of real people?

    Do any of the characters in the game remind you of real people? famous or just people you know? Gordon remind me of my dad, they look quite familiar, which is weird.. At one point, Barney reminds me of Bruce Willis. And the Aliens all remind me of my sister...hehe Post any...
  10. DarkelP

    Hey blah blah

    Hi people, I havent been on forums for ages, but I liked the look of this one so I thought I'd join up:afro: I hope I'll make a good contribution to the forums :cheese: