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  1. DimitriPopov

    Weekly Steam News (17/06/05)

    I think the most important thing this means and answers is that those hand and gun models WERE temporary which is awsome I cant wait now!
  2. DimitriPopov

    most beautiful spray ever!

    You know initially I would have disagreed with you, but after reading 4 posts, I have to agree. Shes pretty, theres really a ton of jealousy/******ry in this thread, its pretty depressing. hahahaha oh god reading this thread is great 'OMG 0/10 IVE HIT BETTER' idiots.
  3. DimitriPopov

    If HL2 went gold, why wont they tell us? Valve = Jackass?

    I used the response even before I paid 60$; but now I have given them 60$ of my money so yes, they do owe me something.
  4. DimitriPopov

    Do games get announced as being Gold on weekends?

    Your sig should be less ignorant :( Bush kills puppies; KERRY 04
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    You guys are 'viewing source' on right? I tried but I couldnt get it to work on any site. I imagine theres something in that source code.
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    Counter-Strike: Source information from BBC Online

    because all the people who would buy it during the christmas season WOULDNT be buying it anymore if it came out now. You either buy it now, or you buy it then. By coming out early it doesnt make anyone go 'no , **** that game Im not buying it'
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    Counter-Strike: Source information from BBC Online

    Thats exactaly what I said when I read the news post. Hopeful! HOPEFUL! You better goddamn hope its in stores by fall.
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    Counter-Strike: Shiny

    first of all take the time to type out words like 'you' and 'your'. Secondly comprehend that he isnt saying that he hates the effect altogether, its overdone. So he likes to see it in places therefore hes not going to turn it all off.
  9. DimitriPopov

    valve LOST an obscene amount of money the other night

    True, but Ive seen as many or more people downloading games like Sims2 and such. Hopefully by utilising steam Valve will be more capable of stopping pirating like that. Does that warezed version even work?
  10. DimitriPopov

    valve LOST an obscene amount of money the other night

    What the hell is going on here?
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    Counter-Strike: Shiny

    Yes because saying its 'overdone' obviously means he never wants to see it anywhere. Dust was great in the beta because that effect wasnt overdone. It was only used on the one tile floor. However in these new maps its WAY overdone, Im in Chateau and every single service in the room made of...
  12. DimitriPopov

    Which map will look the best in Source?

    Now that you can use models for trees and the 3dskybox for a whole forest in the background Forest could look simply amazing. I always liked the map anyway. Charlie will look awsome too, but I still put my vote on Forest
  13. DimitriPopov

    so late november pretty much confirmed...

  14. DimitriPopov

    so late november pretty much confirmed...

    It most likely means 'its done but **** it, lets cash in on xmas money'. I really really do hate VU ^_^ *EDIT* Also, it makes me all warm inside to see the people above agreeing with me on VU <3 forever
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    HL2 Preload 4

    Wouldnt that mean that all of the HL2 content was done? They would want to finish one thing before they begun another.
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    Why no US exclusive?

    I also enjoy derailing threads with needless political bullshit <3
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    Source cracked Help to mail Gabe please!

    This thread should probably also now note that VU is responsible for delaying CS:CZ 6 months at minimum. Had it come out 6months earlier it might have been something even a little more than acceptable. CS:S may well be among other things a 'were sorry for our shitty publisher' from Valve. Im...
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    CS:S is now 889mb!

    Yeah it took me a long long time as well.
  19. DimitriPopov

    Thank you Gamespot!

    Except for the fact that VU actually DID delay CS:CZ for 6 months , as a result it was a game horribly out of date as soon as it came out , even more than it was 6months before. And now its just a joke among gamers. Yeah , VU is great.
  20. DimitriPopov

    6 Month ?

    If I learn that VU is witholding the game at all Im simply not paying money for it; nor any product which I know is published under VU ever again.