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  1. Sloth

    Disgruntled Valve employee leaks HL3 script section.

    This is both horrid and magical, but I'm not sure which one wins...
  2. Sloth

    I think I nearly died

    Glad to hear that you're ok. The only time I've ever been in an accident, I felt horrid for the rest of the day. I assume you'll never drive with him again?
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    Valvetime Anonymous Confessions

    At least you will one day cause much excitement for a group of kids that are going treasure hunting in the woods...
  4. Sloth

    Have you guys seen the TF2 wiki recently?

    I like the burn marks and the smoke coming off the page. Valve could be the biggest trolls and announce Half-Life 3 at the end of all this instead of Pryo, just to confuse and amaze us all.
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    I really enjoyed it, good that they are all an hour and a half long. Too bad for the long wait in-between possible seasons.
  6. Sloth

    Day Z: a realistic open-world zombie mod for Arma 2 with PvP and persistent death

    I ended up going with BI, downloading now. I was just skim-reading the thread, must have missed BadHat's post. Thanks for the help anyway.
  7. Sloth

    Day Z: a realistic open-world zombie mod for Arma 2 with PvP and persistent death

    Looking into it, turns out Amazon downloads are only available to US customers. I'll check the Bohemia website and see what their download policy is. Failing all that I guess Steam would be the final option.
  8. Sloth

    Day Z: a realistic open-world zombie mod for Arma 2 with PvP and persistent death

    Will it work with the Steam version, I already had ARMA 2, so will buying OA through Steam work?
  9. Sloth

    Do you consider the G-Man to be a smart character

    It would be amazing, but also horrid, if that was the ending of Half-Life - but it wouldn't seem too out of place...
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    Gabe Newell in the spotlight

    A great, subtle dig at all those wanting Episode 3 now.
  12. Sloth

    Satellite Shenanigans

    Keep us updated, will be happy to grab this for my Droid, looks like a great idea.
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    CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    Valve Time - For when you want to vent some Steam.
  14. Sloth

    Anchorman Sequel

    Great news, just to see what they can do next with such a weird character.
  15. Sloth

    So I Stepped Down

    And here am I forgetting to wish you happy Birthday a few days ago. Hope it means you're putting more work into The Reticule!
  16. Sloth

    First Tribes: Ascend screenshots

    For whoever wants it: FB216DC59FF8E5496F823CA58
  17. Sloth

    I Made a Weird Short Flash Movie

    I just saw it when I checked Deviantart, is both insane and great...
  18. Sloth

    Half-Life needs instrumental music

    Can I also point out the fact that the song is called 'Battle 1' the title doesn't move me to any emotion... 'Anti-Citizen One' or 'Triage at Dawn' stirr something.
  19. Sloth

    TF2 Blog: Secret Project, Skyrim Steam Workshop & Meet the Pyro Coming

    When I read your double posts, my eyes saw one post saying that you'd flip out if it was female and one if it wasn't female. Sounded better in my head...
  20. Sloth

    Quantum Conundrum: Kim Swift makes interesting, cute puzzle game, (no portals???)

    It will be on Steam and I'd be happy to grab it for 20 dollars or so...