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  1. Dalamari

    New Strat :D

    I went into a local guitar shop and traded my mexi-roadworn strat in for a used american standard deluxe, after all was said in done I basically ended up paying $600 for a gently used $1600 strat. I've been like this for the last few hours :D PICS:
  2. Dalamari

    Favorite Album Cover

    The music on the album isn't important, it's just about the art. Bitches.
  3. Dalamari

    New guitar-related items

    #1: The most obvious being my new VOX AC30 head/cabinet combo. It really is amazing how much of a difference a tube amp makes. #2: New nut and tree on my strat, not that noticeable until you play it. Thing barely ever falls out of tune. #3: New single-coils on my Gretsch replacing the...
  4. Dalamari

    People who play as the opposite sex in games are creeps

    Quit fiddling children by the playground and put yourself into the game, fag Discuss.
  5. Dalamari

    Beatles Rock Band

    If you love The Beatles, like seriously are an uber fan, you should check this game out. Charts aren't particularly hard but it's a great Beatles fan experience. Unlocks are pretty great as well EDIT: Forgot to say the problems I've got with it. -Lack of ability to customize them in any way...
  6. Dalamari

    Fight Night Round 4

    Thought I'd see a thread about this on here...oh well Brilliant game, quite different from 3 so it took me a while to get used to. Anyone else got it on the PS3?
  7. Dalamari

    Oh no

    Next Hitman Game Due "Late 2010", Movie Sequel Will Tie In Everything is ****ed, all of it
  8. Dalamari

    Rock Band: The Beatles Was squeeling like a little girl through this Quite excited for it :bounce:
  9. Dalamari

    New guitar :D

    Fender Road Worn '60s Strat, god damned brilliant
  10. Dalamari

    Freebird is seriously ****ing awesome

    **** yeah
  11. Dalamari

    Resistance 2

    I'd give it a "meh" at best Don't buy it, but give it a rent if you wanna kill some time.
  12. Dalamari

    Bought STALKER on Steam, gimmie some mods

  13. Dalamari

  14. Dalamari

    The Unofficial "Food You Really ****ing Want Right Now" Thread

  15. Dalamari

    Extreme Toothbrushing
  16. Dalamari

    I don't hear Genesis mentioned often...

    As far as classic rock goes, Genesis seems to get passed over often, same for Supertramp, some great 70's rock there. Genesis:
  17. Dalamari

    Mercenaries 2

    It's proper shit, don't bother. Or if you want to know what it's like without buying it, go grab a copy of Mercs 1 and imagine something vomiting mediocre next gen graphics and shitty voice acting all over it.
  18. Dalamari

    Bad Company

    Perdy fun, blowing through walls in buildings with the 203 is pretty much awesome. Other than that, just think of "Black" but with bigger levels
  19. Dalamari

    The Who

    Better than Led Zeppelin Proof: Prove me wrong.
  20. Dalamari

    Full Rock Band 2 Setlist Released Rock Band 2 On-Disc Track List: Artist Song Title Decade 1. AC/DC ?Let There Be Rock? 1970s 2. AFI ?Girl?s Gone Grey? 2000?s 3. Alanis Morissette ?You Oughta Know? 1990?s 4. Alice in Chains ?Man in the Box? 1990?s 5. Allman Brothers...