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  1. tschumann

    half-life 2 e3 2003 video

    Does anyone know the name of the E3 2003 video with the physgun and the map with the pool in the middle, then the Counter-Strike Source benchmark map?
  2. tschumann

    c++ memory problems

    I'm writing a program that opens up a Half-Life .bsp file, but I'm having some problems with memory. In Release the program runs fine and, but in Debug I get the following error: Debug assertion failed! File: <...>\dbgdel.cpp Expression: _BLOCK_TYPE_IS_VALID(pHead->nBlockUse) It seems to...
  3. tschumann

    Zeno Clash maps in Garry's Mod

    Do the arena and pit maps load in Garry's Mod for anyone? Some maps load fine for me, but the pit and arena ones cause Garry's Mod to freeze while it's loading.
  4. tschumann

    Sandpit mod (for Half-Life)

    A couple of weeks ago I started working on sandbox mod for Half-Life. Anyway, here's the result of what I've done so far. You can press q to open the spawn menu and spawn some monsters and it should be possible to play through Half-Life without any problems.
  5. tschumann

    Maddoxx caught