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    ...I'm 22. :) :) :| ;( -Angry Lawyer
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    Do they deserve basic human rights?

    As everything's gone sciency the last few days, here's an ethical situation: Imagine someone creates a machine that (at least appears) to be as intelligent as a human. It thinks in much the same way as me or you, and you could have a conversation with it across the Internet and you'd never...
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    Any of you bitches play Warhammer Fantasy (i.e. the table-top miniatures game)? It's pretty damn awesome. -Angry Lawyer
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    Combine vs. Xen - Absolution

    From PlanetHalfLife From: Ben Subject: Marc Laidlaw Email about Xen I sent an email to Marc Laidlaw concerning a statement made by Doug Lombardi about the Combine and Nihilanth being seperate factions. He made a better clarification of the canon than Lombardi, so I figured I should share...
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    "Get the Soundtrack Right"

    Conclusion? Jovi gets you sechs. NiN don't. -Angry Lawyer
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    I like Fightstar

    Yeah. I like Fightstar, quite a bit actually. Not my usual style, but I just find the music interesting to listen to. Disagree? That's because you're wrong, and I'm better than you. -Angry Lawyer
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    Steam's died on me

    Hello peoples. Anybody have any idea? I've tried deleting the blob file, and crap, and it's completely flummoxed me. -Angry Lawyer
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    Perhaps the most awesome game of all time. X-Com: UFO Defence, also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown. It's a turn-based strategy game from '93, in which you have to save the world from aliens. It's ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Seriously, no game has ever come close. If I was locked in a room to play one...
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    Combine Vs. Xen - the final solution

    Well, I was posting on Leak-Free, arguing about the Combine not being on Xen, and threatening to get legal on people's asses if they went and stuck Synth on them (as one does), when someone posted a groundbreaking revelation: Wow. Both sides of the argument are right, to an extent. The...
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    Explosive barrels

    Since everything else has been discussed to death, and we're reached the patch of "Why's the game called Half-Life/Are we going back to Black Mesa" posts again (it seems to arrive every three months), I've decided to bring up a new point. The explosive barrels. They're everywhere. Where...
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    Ever given blood?

    I gave blood on Friday, my fourth time so far. Admitted, it was more to get a sympathy vote out of a woman in my life (Who stated shortly after that "I was a wonderful person, and that I should always believe it no matter what other people say". I rock.), but no matter how many times I give...
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    How would you describe love?

    Simple, if not obscure question. And please don't drag this down with dirty posts. How would you describe love? What would you describe the feeling as? How does one know if they are in love? What do you do when you know they love you back? What do you do when you know it'll never be...
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    Older woman, younger man?

    Just to get people's opinions on the matter; Is a relationship between a younger man and an older woman viable? Seems that a lot of people I've met are against it, but I don't see why you can have a 26 year old guy have a relationship with a 19 year old gal, but not the other way around...
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    'How to create a successful mod'

    This tickled me, and it belongs here because it's related to the modding community. I originally found the link in the VERC forums, and thought I should share it with you guys. I think the writer has...
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    *Bigass Spoiler* Super Soldier?

    After peeking through the GCF files, I came across a rather odd discovery. Take a look yourself. It could redefine exactly what the true Combine are. Now, by the looks of it, it's made of the same things as the striders, gunships, crabsynths and mortarsynths. The file name is marked...
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    Opinions on RTS games

    For my upcoming, relatively unannounced Half-Life 2 mod, I need to do a little research to see what the public wants. What is your favourite, all time, Real Time Strategy game? And, what features made it good? Also, what RTS games did you hate - and why? Post your opinions here, so I can...