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  1. SpuD

    Center speaker and Sub not working

    I have a Asus a7n8x-x mobo and a nice set of phillips 5.1 speakers. I used NVSwap to get them all set right, and they all make sound when they are supposed to. But, when I listen to music, using WinAmp or Windows Media Player only the front and surrounds work, no sub. Why? I know its...
  2. SpuD

    Steam problems.

    I just reformatted my computer, but I had my steam folder on my 2nd HDD. Ive done it tens of times before. I reformat and just load steam back up and its all fine and dandy. This time I loaded it up, and none of the games were there. I dont want to download them all again. Its still going...
  3. SpuD

    Failure to power up - help

    Im building a computer for a friend, it has a Elitegroup K7S5A motherboard, when I hook it all up and hit the power button nothing happens, not even the power supply turns on. Everything is hooked up correctly, there are spacers underneath the motherboard, the power switch is hooked up in the...
  4. SpuD

    good new RTS game?

    Im trying to move away from RPGs since i've played way too many lately, Im looking for a new RTS game to play, I havent really played anything except Starcraft and Age Of Empires. Im looking for really good multiplayer, and a smooth feel, I dont really care much about graphics, In fact, im...
  5. SpuD

    Windows wont start :/

    Im working on someones computer and im conflaggled. Its a p4 system, 1g of ram, im not sure of the mother board type. Whenever it turns on, after the system messages and stuff it goes to that screen that gives you an option to go into safe mode, start windows normally, etc... but you cant...
  6. SpuD

    RAM problems

    I have a stick of 512 MB PC 3200 and a stick of 512 PC 2100, They both work on their own but when I put them together they dont work. The screens come up fine, it does the memory check and it goes through the whole gig fine, but when the windows screen should start loading, the computer just...
  7. SpuD

    Seinfeld Trivia

    Inspired by simspons trivia What fictional character is seen/mentioned in every episode?
  8. SpuD

    Human fish! The picture is rather freaky.
  9. SpuD

    What should I leave for my voicemail message?

    I just got a new cell phone, and I want something witty and clever to leave for the voice mail message, any suggestions?
  10. SpuD

    What did you give for christmas?

    We have a thread about what you got, but what about what you gave? I had absolutely no money to spare, so I stole stuff from other people and wrapped it up, under the tree right now. Dad: his wallet, Mom: her keyboard for her PC, Brother: the picture frame his gf got him a few days ago...
  11. SpuD

    Bowling Team Names

    Me and my friends have decided to start a bowling team out of boredom, we want a good name though, something that referred to the movie "The Big Lebowski" would be good. We were also thinking of "Bowling For Buddha" Recommendations please :cheers:
  12. SpuD

    Haunted Auction :o !
  13. SpuD

    Oh my god! poor baby! :o what a bad mother
  14. SpuD

    The Ansible

    Anyone else heard of it? Its supposed to be a device that can communicate no matter the distance instantly. It was mentioned in the book Ender's Game, but Orsen Scott Card didnt make the Idea up. A friend's dad told me he read about it in a science magazine, that it was real, and Orsen Scott...
  15. SpuD

    On a lighter note....

    Haha, Alabama. Eh Tr0n? That movie probably just came out down there, eh? Play us a tune on the banjo!
  16. SpuD

    Went to a c2b3 concert last night

    they played at the Roselin theater in Portland, Oregon. So me and some friends went, it was ****ing awesome. Buckethead is a machine. Brain did a 30 minute drum solo, which was awe inspiring. We were the first in line, so we got front row :D Has anyone else seen them live?
  17. SpuD

    Most Embarrassing / Strangest moments

    well... tell us your strangest or most embarrassing moment
  18. SpuD

    Looks like Halo 2 has replaced Doom 3 as...

    the major competition for Half-Life 2. Im sick of all these damn "Halo 2 vs Half-life 2" threads and arguments going on. Why do major games always have to compete? We should just be able to enjoy both games. Both have had years of work into them, they are both going to be great games...
  19. SpuD

    Post your playlist time! again!

    If you use winamp, you can generate an HTML playlist, its very neat, I would like to see everybody's music collection To generate a playlist hit CTRL+ALT+G 2708 songs :D And yes, I do listen to them all. 8 days of music :D
  20. SpuD

    buckethead! The man is an amazing guitarist, hes toured with many bands (guns n roses, primus, etc...) He has 12 CDs, all are great he plays a harder metal, little bit of grudge...