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  1. G-Dub

    Your Favourite HL2.Net Memory

    One of my favourites has got to be when I was hosting one of the dedi servers for Left 4 Dead. Played the hell out of that game back then and got to know a few members better through that. Good times :)
  2. G-Dub

    Could someone do me a HUGE favor please?

    I'm on it mate. Well done for testing with at least 10 subjects; just 1 would be beyond idiotic!
  3. G-Dub

    The Unoffical Minecraft server 3.0

    gDub85 Cheers :)
  4. G-Dub

    $150,000 minecraft documentary

    Agreed. This is exactly the impression I got. Although I did enjoy the vid :) I'm new to minecraft so anything like this is interesting at the moment.
  5. G-Dub

    The worst game I'm ever going to play has been announced

    I've watched a few, but I still can't seem to be able to take the story in. :rolling:
  6. G-Dub

    EarthCraft - Alternative server for your enjoyment

    Hey Ravioli, could you whitelist me please? gDub85 Thanks :) EDIT: I'm getting a message that the server is outdated.
  7. G-Dub Minecraft Server Discussion

    I'd like to know too :) I bought this a couple of days ago because I kept seeing it mentioned on, and now I'm addicted! :) I know nothing about MP... can you still save? How does it differ from SP? Much Minecraft love!
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  9. G-Dub

    Perils of Summer Sale: Sunday Update!

    How is Killing Floor?
  10. G-Dub

    All Points Bulletin Beta key giveaway

    Downloading now. Thanks!
  11. G-Dub

    with all these newcomers...

    I think it's needed tbh.
  12. G-Dub

    Lost my HDD..

    :) I lol'd! As the rest said, that's a strange thing to (presumably) bag up and throw out!
  13. G-Dub

    Dead Rising 2, first game to let you beat zombies to death with a dildo

    Agreed. It really was demotivating after a while.
  14. G-Dub

    Need sav file, HL1 at very end,please.

    You could use cheats to get to that level.
  15. G-Dub

    [Unofficial] Half Life 2 running on the Oranage Box Engine + Achievements

    Well, ya see, unfortunately, it does. IMHO.
  16. G-Dub

    The Ship HL1

    The source version is cheap enough now, and still has a few servers up and running. Why not check the official forums to see if there are any groups you can join?
  17. G-Dub

    Confirm Mobo/CPU/Memory Configuration?

    Nice deal!
  18. G-Dub

    Wave invite plz

    Thanks Acepilotf14. Sent you a PM.
  19. G-Dub

    Wave invite plz

    Has anyone else got any available? :)
  20. G-Dub

    Confirm Mobo/CPU/Memory Configuration?

    Agreed, socket AM3 so should be fine.