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  1. SpuD

    Center speaker and Sub not working

    Yeah I havent posted in months. It is set to 5.1 in my control panel. I tried using the 5.1 audio out plugin for winamp, but the sub still wouldnt work.
  2. SpuD

    Center speaker and Sub not working

    I have a Asus a7n8x-x mobo and a nice set of phillips 5.1 speakers. I used NVSwap to get them all set right, and they all make sound when they are supposed to. But, when I listen to music, using WinAmp or Windows Media Player only the front and surrounds work, no sub. Why? I know its...
  3. SpuD

    My webcomic

    That looks exactly like old gabe and old tycho.
  4. SpuD

    Chuck Norris...

    Chuck Norris took my virginity, and he will sure as hell take yours. If you're thinking to yourself, "That's impossible, I already lost my virginity.", then you are dead wrong. hahahaha
  5. SpuD

    Best Sig.

    mine is the best, and I can ban whoever says it isnt
  6. SpuD

    Who's been on this forum the longest?

    ^ first monther.
  7. SpuD

    Lets See Your Doodles! (Not That One You Sicko)

    Its ancient versions of me!
  8. SpuD

    What is the youngest girl you've been with?

    18, when i was 17.
  9. SpuD

    What websites do you visit most.

    Hetairia Penny-Arcade
  10. SpuD

    Is alcohol good for you?

    2 drinks a night does the heart good. Alcohol will deplete your body of Sodium (eat fries before drinking to help avoid hangover) So a moderate amount will help lower your sodium, thus helping the heart drastically. As long as theres no overconsumption the liver will be able to deal with it fine.
  11. SpuD

    The History of

    Avatar week was fun. So fun i havent changed mine yet.
  12. SpuD

    Steam problems.

    I just reformatted my computer, but I had my steam folder on my 2nd HDD. Ive done it tens of times before. I reformat and just load steam back up and its all fine and dandy. This time I loaded it up, and none of the games were there. I dont want to download them all again. Its still going...
  13. SpuD

    Smoking...Do you?

    I hate cigarrettes. Though I do own and smoke a hookah and smoke pot occasionally.
  14. SpuD

    Whats your BMI

    19.1 Healthy!
  15. SpuD

    Gas prices

  16. SpuD

    neat illusion

    I got it within a minute
  17. SpuD

    Time You Got Hurt Most!?!

  18. SpuD

    Failure to power up - help

    Im building a computer for a friend, it has a Elitegroup K7S5A motherboard, when I hook it all up and hit the power button nothing happens, not even the power supply turns on. Everything is hooked up correctly, there are spacers underneath the motherboard, the power switch is hooked up in the...
  19. SpuD

    2 years...

    When did the south get computers?!
  20. SpuD

    Cafe Owner Paints Over Dead Rat Rather Than Picking It Up

    Rats add flavour.