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    ANY news what so ever on Episode 3 / Half Life 3

    Interesting. I definitely missed this news. The question for a while was EP3 or HL3. Seems this was settled some time ago. It always seemed pretty obvious to me that Episodic content had not met it's targets. I remember Gabe saying that the idea was to deliver single player HL content more...
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    ANY news what so ever on Episode 3 / Half Life 3

    I only pop up on here about once every 6-12 months these days just on the off chance there might be some news of ANY kind about Episode 3 / Half Life 3. I'm pretty out of touch. Have I missed anything regarding Episode 3 / Half Life 3?! I suspected some time ago (quite a good few years ago now I...
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    Gabe Newell is working on Half life 3, says it gonna take time.

    I reckon Gabe Newell will have evolved into a Combine Advisor by the time Valve get this thing done!
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    Why did Valve make Gordon so ugly?

    He was modelled on a hyperthetically thin Gabe Newell.
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    GLaDOS in new Pacific Rim movie trailer

    LOL. On one hand I thought it was pretty cool to hear Gladys in this trailer ....... on the other it seems like a bit of a stupid idea to me! I mean they could have done something original but sounding similar. That's got to be better than using the same actress, playing the same character & the...
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    GLaDOS in new Pacific Rim movie trailer

    This from Yahoo; I guess that explains it then ;) BTW, I think this movie looks terrible. But like others have said because its Del Toro I'll give it a chance.
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    Stop hating on valve just because of their development time

    I don't come onto the forums much these days, dropping in once in a blue moon to see if by some miracle there might be some news on the next Half Life installment. I've been playing games since I was a kid. I'm 40 next year and now have two children of my own. It's been a while since I played...
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    Valve is attending E3 2012

    This could be any number of thigns from Valve. What about this rumoured console featured in the story posted after this one? The Half Life 3 t-shirt gives me hope. But is that for real or a possible fake? If it is real then it obviously means the long awaited Episode 3 has gone out the window...
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    NECA line of Valve figures revealed

    Very, very tasteful :rolling:
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    Eurogamer: "Devs Owe You Nothing"

    And besides all that Portal 2 looks friggin amazing! I was blown away by the visuals in that game. It's more down to design I guess than raw graphics engine power. But I thought it was a far better looking game than Crysis ..... or pretty much anything else I've seen for that matter. There's...
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    Eurogamer: "Devs Owe You Nothing"

    A very good article. And I have to say I'm in complete agreemement. I mean the letter written to Valve begging for information was absolutely pathetic! "The lack of communication between Valve and the Half-Life community has been a frustrating experience," it reads. "Fans of the Half-Life...
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    It's time to play Half-Life 2

    LOL. Yeah, bumbo to EP3/HL3. I'm having far too much fun playing HL2 all over again (started this last November for some reason). I'd forgotten how good this is. I'll DL EP1 & EP2 again when I get through with HL2. I hope EP3/HL3 doesn't make an appearance anytime soon or my plans will be...
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    New Hosted Forum: Welcome, "A Call for Communication"

    I don't come hear very often these days so this whole 'call for communication' thing is news to me. I understand it's an attempt to encourage Valve to let the community know what's going on with the Half Life series? In the past mods on here have been somewhat adverse to people getting up tight...
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    Counter-Strike:GO Beta...Delayed

    It's not a delay it's just Valve time - Release date plus 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. There's probably a mathmatical formula to determine which one you should add & why but I'm not good at that sort of thing.
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    Portal 2 newbie

    I don't know anyone that plays these games. I have no friends on Steam to play with :x It's a tragedy!
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    Portal 2 newbie

    Tried the co=op last night. The person I was playing with stayed online for about 3 minutes and then buggered off, at which point the game ended. Yeah, great fun :|
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    Portal 2 newbie

    :cheese: LOL I'd say Portal 2 is one of the best games I've ever played. I had high hopes because Portal 1 was for me the highlight of the Orange box. Portal 2 exceeded my expectations. It's superb.
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    Portal 2 newbie

    Finished this last night. Completely awesome throughout. I was a little dissapointed with the non game engine, pre-rendered sequence at the end. dissapointing from Valve. But the actual game was phenominal. Breathtaking graphics & lighting effects. I had the same feeling at times that I remember...
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    Portal 2 newbie

    Bought Portal 2 yesterday after finally getting a new gfx card (upgraded from an X1950 Pro to an 6670). WOW! This is excellent. The presentation is amazing even by Valve's standards. Based on this we're in for a treat for Half Life 3 ;)
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    Portal Turret Plush Appears, Will Guard You While You Sleep

    At £20 a pop you'd deserve to be shot if you bought one!