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    Half-Life 3 Site Under Construction

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    you only liked half life 2 because you were supposed to

    This rings out loudly with a depressing truth.
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    Reality Check: Half-Life 3 isn't coming out

    Don't listen to him! He's lying! It's all lies!
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    Will there be a new Valve game this year ?

    This, this and this.
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    Thoughts: Half-Life 3 Won't Come Out?

    Hmmmmmm. Seems legit.
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    Half Life 3 Trailer Idea

    It's a nice try mate, but it's not Half-Life. Too cheesy. Too Hollywood.
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    Evolve: from the makers of Left 4 Dead

    I agree that Portal 1 & 2 is an exception; they did take an interesting game mechanic and develop a good game around it. But my argument still stands. For me, Portal still wasn't a title that pushed the envelope significantly for Valve - you may agree or disagree. Look, I'm not gonna bullshit...
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    Evolve: from the makers of Left 4 Dead

    Yeah it's brilliant isn't it. Currently playing through Dishonored again actually.
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    Evolve: from the makers of Left 4 Dead

    Yeah, this is it. I don't hate Valve. Far from it. I really like the company. I'm just expressing disappointment. I also sincerely hope that their next-gen stuff will shut me up, slap me across the face and say "Yeah, we're still trying to push the boundaries here." I expect this from Valve...
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    Evolve: from the makers of Left 4 Dead

    Haven't posted in a long time. I have however been lurking long enough to see this site wither in activity in proportion to Valve's continued silence surrounding Half-Life. I thoroughly agree with Tollbooth Willie. This old article sums up my thoughts on Valve now to be honest...
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    The Walking Dead

    ABSOLUTELY incredible game; hats off to the team behind this. I was conisistently immersed. Compare this to the dogsh** that is the TV series of The Walking Dead, and there is simply no comparison. I had to hold back tears at the end.
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    Yeah, the scenes at the wall just screamed budget to me. Not to say it wasn't good; they did the best with what they had. I just couldn't help keep comparing LOTR Helms Deep to this episode lol. Anyone else feel the same?
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    Rumour: "Wake up and smell the ashes"

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    Baldur's Gate?

    Do you know how ridiculously happy this makes me? Do you? Good. God those games. My childhood, right there.
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    Baldur's Gate?

    I nearly choked on my food when I came across this thread. Jesus holy christ, please, please, pleeeeaaase do a good job of 'enhancing' my favourite games of all time. This is unbelievable.
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    Counter-Stike: Global Offensive Gameplay Preview

    This. The stealth element in CS is brilliant (Well, I barely played 1.6, so I can only speak for Source). What I saw here in these two videos... well, let's just say that it wasn't pretty. I know bots were evident in these videos, but seriously, is this blatant (godawful) run'n'gun gameplay...
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    The Episodic Problem

    In full agreement with this article. To be honest, I couldn't really stand having Alyx 'tagging along' in Episode 1. Don't get me wrong, Valve made a very, very solid effort to make her more than just an 'AI companion,' but unfortunately, that's exactly what she was. Her off hand comments and...
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    Help... again.

    Ah, I see I've been misinformed. Thanks for clarifying. I used to have this problem with DoD, and was told to check for overheating.
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    Help... again.

    Have you experienced this in any other games recently? These weird looking artifacts that you're seeing could be a result of your system overheating. Make sure your GPU/CPU isn't too hot. If they are, make use of a vacuum etc.
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    Half-Life 2 video that I poured my blood, sweat and tears into...

    Very impressive mate. Well done.