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    ANY news what so ever on Episode 3 / Half Life 3

    I only pop up on here about once every 6-12 months these days just on the off chance there might be some news of ANY kind about Episode 3 / Half Life 3. I'm pretty out of touch. Have I missed anything regarding Episode 3 / Half Life 3?! I suspected some time ago (quite a good few years ago now I...
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    Portal 2 newbie

    Bought Portal 2 yesterday after finally getting a new gfx card (upgraded from an X1950 Pro to an 6670). WOW! This is excellent. The presentation is amazing even by Valve's standards. Based on this we're in for a treat for Half Life 3 ;)
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    so, is it any good?

    I've not bought Portal 2 yet. A couple of reasons for this - twin boys that came along last November taking up most of spare time & a PC that locks-up everytime I try to play the only game I currently have installed, TF2 (dodgy gfx card I think). I notice the forums are full of the usual talk of...
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    No Episode 3 on Steampowered forums?

    There has been an EP3 board on here for some time now. But still no EP3 board on the official SteamPowered boards? Why is this & what does it tell us about Valve's plans for EP3? People are obviously talking about EP3 on Steampowered ......... just not on a dedicated board. SteamPowered seems to...
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    Episode 3 more popular than

    Jesus :afro: (just don't tell the Vatican)
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    Speed hack in TF2

    I saw this whilst playing on Badlands earlier. First time I've seen it on TF2. Has it been mentioned before on here? Anyway, someone playing on my team as a Heavy was going at lightning speed around the map, winning the round all by himself! Completely ruined the game for everybody! I hate...
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    No medic lock option in menu

    I thought there was suposed to be an option in the menu to lock the meidcs beam? I've checked & double checked & I don't have this.
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    Valve DVD's Anyone bought this? Is it any good & worth getting?
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    When will we get an EP3 forum?

    There's already obviously a lot of EP3 discussion going on. Isn't it about time the admins started an EP3 forum to focus it all?
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    Portal soundtrack

    I think Portal has the best music of any Valve game to date. It's a fantastic soundtrack with some really great ambient/soundscape pieces. I know you can extract the music files from the Source files but I don't know how this is done. Saying that though I wish Valve would release some game music...
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    Stuck on chamber 18

    I'm in the large room with turrets on platforms. I've taken out all the turrets ....... now what?! There's a button on a tower you can get to with portals but you can't stand on the tower. It opens a door leading to an energy ball receptor. You push the button & the door stays open for like 2...
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    Highlights of EP2 (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    Where do you start? from the off there are to many to remember!
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    How many hours?

    I've just finished EP2. I decrypted it last night, played for a few hours & then a few more today ....... and now it's all over. It was fantastic. I loved it. Best in the HL2 series so far. But it occured to me afterwards that all of us on here have spent many, many more hours talking about EP2...
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    Orange box $44.95 +TAX

    How much is the tax? I'm in the UK.
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    Metastasis 3?

    Any news on this? I've just played through 1 & 2 again .... actually I thought 2 had been released in March this year & I'd missed it. Turned out it was March 2006 & I had actually played through part 2 already! DOH! I'd love to see more of this excellent SP mod/map pack though. What's the deal...
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    Bored & playing HL2 again

    Last night I started playing through HL2 again & I've been at it for a couple of hours today. That's how bored I am! Anyway, I noticed a funny thing that I'd not seen before. It happended during the dual with the gunship at the end of Water Hazard. I was shooting at the gunship when suddenly the...
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    Cool me cynical if you will but isn't it about time for Valve to announce another delay for EP2, TF2 & Portal?
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    Coastline to Atmosphere;67463 This SP mod looks good. Anyone tried it?
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    Blue Shift 2 DEMO;71169 cool. First I've seen of this (although no doubt it's been posted here before & some smart arse will pipe up telling me so! I did do a search for 'blue shift' but it just brought up pages & pages of random threads...
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    They Hunger: Lost Souls

    What's happened to this much anticipated SP HL2 mod? When it was anounced it was supposedly close to completion. The last we heard it was in the alpha stage. Still early days but that was back at the beginning of April!