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  1. D.r Gordon Freeman

    No Half-Life 3 ? No More Half-Life ?

    Let me start by reminding the history of half-life... Half-Life 1 was Released in 1998 as a very successful game of all the time , Expansion Packs completed the story and 6 years later the sequel Half-Life 2 was released. Also the episodes which completed the story of 20 years after the Black...
  2. D.r Gordon Freeman

    What Would You Guys Want From Half-Life 3 ?

    Hi all , If you were a member of valve development team , what would you like the HL3 to be ? Storyline , Gameplay , etc For me i would like to have Dr. Breens alive who confronts Gordon Freeman one more time. Also about gameplay i would like the long jump modules and the Tau Cannon/Gluon Gun...
  3. D.r Gordon Freeman

    Half-Life 2 Recommending an Episode

    I'm thinking about a good episode relative to Half-Life 1 , The name came in my mind was : Half-Life 2 : Return to Black Mesa Which takes place in the remaining parts of the Black mesa facility (I know that the black mesa was entirely destroyed by Mark IV Thermonuclear Device but they can...