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  1. Iron_cube

    BUILDINGNAME goes here!

    Just a change from all the boring deathcam pictures Lack of antialiasing ahead. You've been warned. | Online commentary, it's neat! |
  2. Iron_cube

    Big-ass update released

    NUUUU MAH CIVIE! Oh and :laugh: @ dustbowl gates being fixed
  3. Iron_cube

    Random ep2 pictures!

    Mind the lack of anti-aliasing and DX9 graphics, eh. 56k warning, too. Cardboard grub :O ^ Yeah it really is Llamar It glows in the darkness!11 How the hell is he even holding that tea cup...
  4. Iron_cube

    Unused HL2 vorty line! Yay!

    OMG! GAUSSGUN IN EP3`11!11
  5. Iron_cube

    What happens when you ditch Alyx?

    Oh you vorties :laugh:
  6. Iron_cube

    Easter egg found ... (again!)

    That charger never gets old :naughty:
  7. Iron_cube


    I absolutely love how they even bothered making this special animation, considering how the car is virtually impossible to flip over with convetional methods.
  8. Iron_cube

    Portal preload begins now

    But the steam servers "are too busy to handle my request" :hmph: No really, double-click on portal in your game list - wooo :D
  9. Iron_cube

    Critical hit system

    I noticed people barely talked about that feature. Ever heard a zapping sound sometimes when using any weapon? Thats how you recognize these. In my opinion, its absolutely briliant and makes the fighting less generic as you can defeat an opponent you thought you had absolutely no chance...
  10. Iron_cube

    Two new gameplay videos :bounce: