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    dad runs away?

    Holy crap, you guys reply fast.
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    dad runs away?

    I nominate BF2slut for largest piece of disrespectful trash to ever exist. Sounds like he loves calling his creator a prick because little BF2slut wouldn't do a 5 minute chore or something. Go **** yourself, BF2slut.
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    what do you think of 'maddox'?

    Maddox just writes articles for humor, and no one should ever take what he says seriously. He does write serious articles (Such as the various movie reviews, but that's a diferent story) His writing is all in good fun.
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    Desktop screenshot
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    Duh ding ding ding ding brooom brooom...

    This subject is kinda old tbh. Because it drives us insane. I rmember a thread either here or somewhere else talking about how crazy frog is selling better than Coldplay's album
  6. M Invades our Glorious Capital - The Pitch

    he means if someone could organize a stateside one while you organize a european one
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    Sisters give birth at 12, 14 and 16

    LMAO! That's good.
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    How to 'own' yourself...

    That radio one was kinda stupid...
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    **** school whos wit me yeah

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    Respect the chair, obey the chair.

    It looks quite out of place.
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    I just threw up for the first time in 6 years

    Well, I think it may be caused by a combination of me not drinking soda for a long time, and eating some chicken spread I used to like. My god, I never realized how nasty that stuff is. Well, It's 6:30 AM and I feel much better. I have exams in English and Tennis. Thanks for your replies.
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    I just threw up for the first time in 6 years

    at 5/16 1AM, I threw up in my bathtub violently. I feel like i might vomit again. I have exams today and tomorrow. What do I do?
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    Student suspended for talking to his mother in Iraq

    I think that the school was wrong. He had a right to talk to his mother.
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    I feel sexy (knifes and crowbies and stuns OH [email protected]) <-- All in a days work <-- blackhawkdown through de_cbble. It's not done. I still need to separate the knife kills from the rest of my screens. I didn't know whether to post this here of cs or...
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    Guide: Special Characters in Your Source Nickname

    Is it really necessary?
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    Have you ever met a celebrity?

    I once met Shania Twain.
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    The REAL Area 51 Revealed!

    Can't you give the Government a LITTLE BIT OF PRIVACY? Please? :rolleyes:
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    Ever been banned from something?

    HAHAHA Understatement. I'm so bad, I got banned from ***** forums
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    Any information on release date?

    As Topic title says, we need to have one centralized DOD:S Information thread. So, gather information and compile it here.
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    Hoplites Update

    1337! The sword looks cool. Azlan ;)