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  1. Fat Tony!

    Another Novint Falcon Giveaway!

    450 TEN CHARA
  2. Fat Tony!

    Least intimidating class?

    Definately medic. It has no real weapons. Scout has pissed me off beyond belief as demoman making me want to run away at the very sight of them. Snipers have me doging around and hiding if there is a good one about. Running into a heavy isn't funny and will involve insta death. Pyro is obvious...
  3. Fat Tony!

    You are a fatty. D:

    You are a fatty. D:
  4. Fat Tony!

    Zoloft doesn't make me feel better anymore.

    Stig we all love you. I agree with bam on this, getting some gentle exercise is great. Find a piece of nature to go to and take walks there. It's great to clear your head. Find a new awesome game, play with some of us guys online.
  5. Fat Tony!

    Gordon Breen puts Basra troops on Overwatch duty.

    It's political correctness gone mad!
  6. Fat Tony!


    Strawberry vs Raspberry jam, that is the question.
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  8. Fat Tony!

    "She's Hatin' It"

    Hmm have to disagree with all of you. I dont expect much else from regulars though :P to hear such hate. She should be allowed to stand up for herself to allow change to happen to gain the same rights as everyone else. Id be pissed off if someone refused service for me due to a disability.
  9. Fat Tony!

    Steam Update with preview

    Say goodbye to conc jumping and grenades guys! Lets hope that turns out well :). If it doesnt, its easy to switch to fortress forever or back to TFC.
  10. Fat Tony!

    rmichaeux's works

    Hi Stone, nice to see you back again.
  11. Fat Tony!

    I converted all my MP3s to 56kbps - Am I mad?

    When I play music on my laptop internal speakers I really wouldn't had guessed that some of my mp3s are 56kbps and others are 128kbps. If its for backup I probably would go for it.
  12. Fat Tony!

    The Mandatory "What are you listening to now?" thread

    Don't forget to dance- The kinks
  13. Fat Tony!

    Least Favorite Band and Genre

    After thinking for a long time I can't actually say there is a genre I hate, since there is always something good to come out a genre. But hmm id guess id go with country too, Cash is okish but I really can't stand his songs id probably have to go as far as say Dolly being the best artist...
  14. Fat Tony!

    Is cheesy metal back in style?

    QFT. There are much better power metal bands to listen to.
  15. Fat Tony!

    How often are you on

    hmm maybe once every 2 weeks
  16. Fat Tony!

    Borat : Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Heh it was pretty funny, although I was expecting better after seeing Ali g in the usaiii
  17. Fat Tony!

    May have screwed up with some e-bay thing....

    If afraid you can't just not pay, you will be receive negative feedback almost definately if you do. It might actually be worth creating a new account
  18. Fat Tony!

    Your substance of choice?

    Meh i'd have to disagree if you consider that bloody loads of people drink there is bound to be a few slip ups. Either way i'd say they are just as bad but for different reasons. Either way I think that cannabis should be legalised but cigarettes should be banned.
  19. Fat Tony!

    Would you like to have bunny hop and/or conc jumping in TF2?

    I'd say yes to conc jumping since it is a big tfc feature but personally im not a fan of bunny hopping but thats only because it's too difficult to do and not everyone can do it. Conc jumping anyone can do it once they get the timing right at least to a minor extend. I quite happy with strafe...
  20. Fat Tony!

    Your substance of choice?

    I think drugs is more a personal thing. It works for different people. Certain people have certain tolerence levels therefore will be able do deal with a higher level of intensity. Alcohol-some people can drink far past their limits and the result is alcohol poisoning or addiction or whatever...