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  1. Darkangel

    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    I thought she was just referring to Chell's lifespan. If Chell's like 25 or something than she will be 85 in 60 years...
  2. Darkangel

    Black Mesa Demo will be out in July

    I know the Black Mesa team are all doing this in their spare time and that it's a lot of work, ect, but 5+ years!? At least give us a new trailer or something.
  3. Darkangel

    Post- Half Life future hinted at in Portal 2 (SPOILERS!)

    I was really hoping for some kind of Half-life tie-in at the end. I was lead on a bit when GLaDOS was talking about the deer and how she only saw some humans that day.
  4. Darkangel

    ASHPD Use in Episode 3?

    Valve generally doesn't like the player to see Gordon's body, so I'm not sure if they'd ever let him use the portal gun directly.
  5. Darkangel

    New handheld - Panasonic "Jungle"

    My failure senses are tingling.
  6. Darkangel

    kinect creator: hardly anyone plays first person shooters on pc anymore

    What a tool. Is Kudo Tsunoda asian? he looks pretty white to have a name like that...
  7. Darkangel

    Xbox360 slim

    Ya I saw that offer but I'm pretty sure it's US only, I could probably sell my Xbox on Kijiji or something for more than $100.
  8. Darkangel

    Xbox360 slim

    I'm tempted to try and cell my old non-HDMi 360 along with a 20GB HDD, a wireless controller and some games like CoD4, Fable 2, PGR3. The large HDD, Wifi, potential lack of RRoD and the HDMI port all seem worth it to me if I can sell a lot of crap I don't use anymore for around $200. How much...
  9. Darkangel

    MOH Beta

    Just downloaded the PC beta; the game's practically just a mod for BC2 where stuff doesn't really blow up and weapons do more damage.
  10. Darkangel

    New Legend of Zelda details apparently confirmed

    The game looks a lot better in motion
  11. Darkangel

    Next gen DS

    It's got a pretty impressive lineup:
  12. Darkangel

    New Legend of Zelda details apparently confirmed

    Those cam pics don't give the game justice. Also, Ocarina of Time remake confirmed for 3DS fjAIOfjqeiowfujiopqweikflpwekgjo0wekgjropwegkropwegbk
  13. Darkangel

    New Legend of Zelda details apparently confirmed

    50% Wind Waker 50% Twilight Princess 100% win
  14. Darkangel

    Goldeneye remake??

    Just saw the trailer on Kotaku, looks decent to me. I'm still only cautiously optimistic though.
  15. Darkangel

    Metal Gear Fans-Peace Walker Thoughts

    Loving the game so far, my only complaint is that there doesn't seem to really be any crazy characters as bosses.
  16. Darkangel

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Took some screen caps, I like what I see so far.
  17. Darkangel

    Who would you cast in a L4D Movie?

    Sonja Kinski is as close to an IRL Zoey as you can get; well, considering that's who she was based off.
  18. Darkangel

    A Cinematic Experience Mod: Thoughts or Ideas

    I think this should be in the Mods section. Also, go for it, it could turn out cool.
  19. Darkangel

    Creepy melody in AntiCitizen One.

    This seems semi relevant, Those strange noises are used in the beta version of the "Triage at Dawn" track at around 3:16: Here's where the reworked version from the final game plays:
  20. Darkangel

    Halo: Reach - Leaked Screenshots and Mission Details

    I don't understand why the Ghost wannabe character would paint a skull on his visor, it would block a lot of his view.