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  1. Darkangel

    Creating a server that my friends can join

    I have been having a lot of issues with creating a listen server that my friends can join over the internet. I have forwarded all the necessary ports (I think I have anyway, could someone post the ports that are needed?) but when my friends tried to join my server it said "Not responding"...
  2. Darkangel

    AVGN - "Plumbers don't wear ties" I think this might actually be THE worst "game" ever made. It's like they took stills from a soft core porno and tried to add a story around it. Words can not describe how bad it is. AVGN did a great review.
  3. Darkangel

    New Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Trailer This actually look...awesome! The part when Leon and Claire first see the licker was pulled off great, Mr. X's intro was also pretty crazy :D I'm really impressed with the graphics in this considering it's a wii game (just look at 0:31). You can tell...
  4. Darkangel

    Best anti-virus?

    What anti-virus program(s) would you recommend?
  5. Darkangel

    Windows 7 Beta tri-boot help

    I have a PC with a 500GB HDD that has a Ubuntu partition around 120GB in size and a Windows XP partition around 340GB in size. I recently got my hands on a copy of the Windows 7 beta and want to have a Tri-boot of the the three operating systems. My Ubuntu installation installed the GRUB...
  6. Darkangel

    wow, did anyone else know this song was in Half-life 2?

    Found this on youtube Here's the part in the game where it plays, I had never even noticed it Very nice piano piece, The two names the song goes by are "Triage at Dawn" and "Path of Borealis"
  7. Darkangel

    Miyamoto thinks portal was an "amazing game" The thought of him playing portal on a pc/xbox or PS3 is pretty weird
  8. Darkangel

    Need help, network connection missing

    So I was switching my network connection from wireless to wired and something strange happened. I started by disabling my wireless connection under "Network Connections", than after doing that I enabled my wired connection but the box that says it's enabling the connection froze. I waited a...
  9. Darkangel

    Deus Ex areas in real life

    I found this video on youtube while watching some Deus Ex vids. It's pretty weird to see that these areas from the game actually exist, I recognized a lot of places like the docks right away.
  10. Darkangel

    Counter-Strike: Source Spray Request

    Hey, can anyone make me a moving counter-strike spray of this picture? I'd make it myself but I'm not too good with image editing and not too sure how to convert stuff to .VTF and stuff.
  11. Darkangel

    Go multicard with 8800gts 512

    I just got my new computer a few months ago and have an 8800gts 512, my Dad told me that if I can find the same card at a fairly cheap price that he'd buy it for me and have two 8800gts 512's in SLI. Question is, is it worth it? Should I try to get a second card or just wait/save up for a nw...
  12. Darkangel

    Not sure if this should go here, Final Fantasy VII save problem

    Okay, so I have a PAL (European) Final Fantasy VII Disk 1 eboot on my PSP that I have been playing through, but since I now own a PS3 I thought that I should continue the game on my TV. When I copy my Saves to the PS3 they show up fine under the internal memory card viewer but when I put in my...
  13. Darkangel

    Dead Rising confirmed for Wii! Pics:
  14. Darkangel

    MGS4 has '90 minute' cut-scenes Holly Sh*t
  15. Darkangel

    Hosting Counter-strike: source match?

    When ever I try to start a match in counter-strike: source and invite my friend it never lets him join. It says stuff like server not responding It does the same thing when he tries to host a match can anyone help?
  16. Darkangel

    Best Drvivers for Nvidia 8800GTS 512?

    I recently got my new computer and I have an 8800GTS 512 and want to know what the best drivers are before I go to update them
  17. Darkangel

    One missed call sucks

    Last weekend me and some friends went to see the movie "One missed Call" It sucked. IMO it was really boring and a lot of parts were laughable because of how stupid they were. Also the plot didn't make a whole lot of sense and the ending really blew. Also throughout the hole movie you...
  18. Darkangel

    Which CPU?

    Hey my Dad said he would build me a new computer for my birthday primarily for playing games with a little bit of media to. We were looking a CPU's and have to decide between a: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz / 8MB Cache / 1066MHz FSB / Socket 775 / Processor With Fan or a Intel Core 2...
  19. Darkangel

    32 Player online Multiplayer in Medal of Honor Wii

    Yay, I hope EA doesn't use friend codes like they are doing with Madden. I think it's good that Wii is getting some good online support. I also heard that Mario Kart Wii will be 18 player but I don't think it's confirmed.
  20. Darkangel

    Gears of war Cole and Baird rip offs of Final Fantasy VII Characters?

    Just an observation Edit: I shouldn't have said "ripoffs" I meant more like in looks