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  1. Maxi

    This community ....

    Can't believe there are so many 2003'ers left!
  2. Maxi

    Why are Macs so darn expensive?

    As a working photographer, macs make me more productive. It's not because of the harware or the pretty case, it's because of OS X. Finder is so much better than windows explorer, hotkeys work way better and the interface just seem snappier. Also Time Machine is awesome, saved me a couple of...
  3. Maxi

    Somebody trying to hack my account?

    We are all old and dusty :(
  4. Maxi

    Somebody trying to hack my account?

    ****ing hacker shit. I had to login and change my password. Thank god I used an old one so even if they guessed it, wouldn't be of any use. Changed it to something random.
  5. Maxi

    Vote for Rick Astley

    Let's give Rick the award he deserves! Or atleast let's make sure the award doesn't go to britney spears... You can vote as many times as you want, theres no limit. I found this thing on the largest finnish forum, lots of people were voting for Rick. Let's help out and give him the award...
  6. Maxi

    McCain chooses Alaska govenor Sarah Palin as running mate I laugh!
  7. Maxi

    End of the road...

    Holy shit :( I only just noticed this thread. I'm sorry man, you've really had a tough life, and so has she. Hang on there.
  8. Maxi

    command & conquer help please!

    Region lock on PCs? Don't speak about things you do not understand.
  9. Maxi

    New Forum Colours and Update

    Yeah, white bits are a bit too white. Is it just me or are the forums faster now? Atleast with firefox beta 3 r4 it's faster.
  10. Maxi

    New Forum Colours and Update

    As a graphics artist I'd say the orange is a bit too orange. EDIT: yeah bookmarks suck, get rid of them.
  11. Maxi

    How many Countries can you name in 5 minutes?

    Or Sweden.
  12. Maxi

    life found on extrasolar planet

    And for those of you who want to see
  13. Maxi

    Oil at all time record

    One of the reasons that the oil price is this high is the cartell known as OPEC. They control total world output of oil and that way set a price that is as high as the global economy will tolerate without diminishing demand. This insures that oil companies maximize their profit. For instance...
  14. Maxi

    Garfield Minus Garfield

    I don't get how that's funny.
  15. Maxi

    MaxiKana's Photographs

    Right then... some updates. I've kind of stopped taking arty shots and have concentrated on photojournalism. Taking photos for student magazines, friends and stuff. Currently having a friend of mine who is a web designer help me to create a webpage for me and when that's done it's time to...
  16. Maxi

    C3 Route Kanal : Stuck : Help?

    A C3 Root Canal! Boy that's gotta be painfull!
  17. Maxi

    What kind of car do you drive?

    That. Though older. Mines from 1997.
  18. Maxi

    Ship's sappin mah net cables!

  19. Maxi

    Ship's sappin mah net cables!

    Lol did you think the internet came out of the socket, like electricity?