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  1. Lolcomputer

    Does anyone remember a mod something like this?

    If I remember correctly, it all starts out in a van, and you're free to fool around before the game starts. Apparently you time travel back to the ice age or something, and you're able to shoot mammoths. I know that sounds really vague and useless, but it's all I remember. I'm trying to do some...
  2. Lolcomputer

    Haven't been here in some time

    Any big news that I might have missed?
  3. Lolcomputer

    Windows 10 thread

    Nothing Valve related, but since Windows 10 is the new thing, this thread is propably inevitable. I haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet, since I kind of don't wan't to leave Windows 7. Altough if someone has upgraded, then why not share your initital thoughts on this thread? Is it worth it or...
  4. Lolcomputer

    Steam Summer Sale countdown

    Didn't see anyone make this thread yet, so I've decided to post the countdown. Only lasts for a hour, but hey, it's still running so far.
  5. Lolcomputer

    Killing Floor 2

    Anyone hyped for this as much as me? I posted on this a year, or so, ago, and got no responses, so perhaps there isn't a lot of people interested in this. But, I'm still posting this video here, since from the looks of it, it's going to be a great cooperative shooter, and I think it deserves the...
  6. Lolcomputer

    ReviewTechUSA dissapointed in Steam Machines Presentation

    Some of the things he says is a tad misinformed, but tbh, I agree with him on a general aspect. Toughts?
  7. Lolcomputer

    Half-Life 3 Non-Linear or Online... ?

  8. Lolcomputer

    TF2 Countdown

    Ehrm... Did anyone cover this already? It's definetely going down today or early tomorrow.
  9. Lolcomputer

    Killing Floor 2 I hope I'm not the only one who liked Killing Floor, and is looking forward to the next one. Anyone else excited for the game?
  10. Lolcomputer

    E.T. have made quite a return I bet they burned the cartridge afterwards.
  11. Lolcomputer

    Possibly new Deus Ex game? Let's hope it won't be Deus Ex: The Fall all over again. It could also be a Deus Ex book or movie. Actually, a Deus Ex book could actually be pretty cool. I would definitely read it.
  12. Lolcomputer

    See this big dog!

    I'd love to cuddle this guy. Their called Leonberger's if anyones wondering. Propably my favorite dog race. :D What's yours?