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  1. tschumann

    Disabling the HUD

    I think a lot of the HUD graphics are in a font (steamapps/<user>/half-life 2/resource/halflife2.ttf I think). Replacing it with a blank font could still leave the grey boxes though.
  2. tschumann

    Garrys Mod Question

    With the Orange Box will give you more content, but Counter-Strike Source content is probably more widely used. All three is probably the best option. I think that all Half-Life 2 content is there by default. I'm not sure about the gates, do you have a picture?
  3. tschumann

    Gamescom 2011 - Doug Lombardi Confirms 'We will be there'

    Seems quite possible, but we'll see.
  4. tschumann

    Easy, Medium, and Hard

    Don't the female assassins cloak in medium and hard too?
  5. tschumann

    Portal 2 Authoring Tools Beta Released

    I hope that the screenshot is right and the Foundry tool does get released and Hammer gets (what I assume is) plugin support.
  6. tschumann

    Creating a Custom NPC

    You need to compile the modified .cpp file along with the rest of the mod code.
  7. tschumann

    HL2 Crashes while loading map

    Any error message?
  8. tschumann

    Weird problem with counterstrike source multiplayer list is wrong font

    I'm not sure (maybe someone else knows), but it might just be that way. I haven't played in a while but that's how I remember it looking.
  9. tschumann

    Trying to get Half life to run on Windows Vista. Please help.

    Towards the top of the Steam window is says STORE GAMES NEWS COMMUNITY (or something similar). Click GAMES to get to the Games tab.
  10. tschumann

    graphics issue in Episode 1

    Didn't sound like much of a priority for them either.
  11. tschumann

    Weird problem with counterstrike source multiplayer list is wrong font

    It could be that it's meant to be that way (I think that the HUD may have been updated what with the beta, but I'm not sure). A custom HUD could probably change it to how you want it, but I'm not sure where you'd go looking for a custom HUD.
  12. tschumann

    Returning Alien Creatures

    I don't think the Opposing Force monsters will be back, but maybe some of the Half-Life ones will be back.
  13. tschumann

    Spawning More Than 1 H-Grunt in HL-Source

    You can't spawn more than one time if that's what you're asking.
  14. tschumann

    HLDMS Server Problems

    Can they see it in the server browser or not?
  15. tschumann

    Weird problem with counterstrike source multiplayer list is wrong font

    Do you have a screenshot? Are you using any custom scoreboard/UI stuff?
  16. tschumann

    hammer wont become bsp

    You shouldn't have a space in your map's name.
  17. tschumann

    HLDMS Server Problems

    Can you/your friend see the server? Could it be that the connection isn't good enough?
  18. tschumann

    HLDMS Server Problems

    Are your ports forwarded?
  19. tschumann

    Help needed with Portal cheat codes.

    For the suit, you might need to give item_suit or something like that.
  20. tschumann

    Half-Life 2 runs poorly despite me having recommended specs

    Yes, it's RAM. I think there's a parameter called heapsize that allows you to set how much RAM is used by the game, though it may have been removed in a recent engine update.