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    Free dj/mixing/etc software? There are probably a few more options if you use Linux. I came across a good tutorial while I was looking too...
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    A different, not-quite-as-awful-week that still results in serious depression

    Sounds like you could do with some time off to deal with this. I hear psych hospitals are pretty scary places, would that be the only place you could go? I imagine they'd want to medicate you heavily too. How much have you investigated the different types of antidepressants? Zoloft is one of...
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    hei gais

    If it's only a mono input, it's likely one of the stereo channels won't get picked up at all. Trying it anyway probably wouldn't blow it up, just be more noisy and distort at a lower level. If your stereo adapter doesn't work, try picking up a mono Y connector like this...
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    Or the topology of your office LAN.
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    How do you ride a bike...

    I'd forgotten about this thread. Thanks for the second round of replies, very helpful!
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    beinArt Surreal Art Collective

    I saw a link to some work from this on Reddit. HR Giger is a member, but was the only name I recognised. Lots to explore! : Sorry if this is 'old' :-P
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    Staying up all night

    If you have the opportunity, try and do something cool with the day. Boredom and tedium aren't always avoidable but if you can, then do :) Anxiety probably does play a big part in keeping you up, as well as this...
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    Mmm Pretty!

    Yeah, it's not quite as cool as I thought it would be. Would like to see it morph between the sheep. But, I think that would be impossible with the way it works at the moment.
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    Mmm Pretty!

    I just found something quite cool. Watch this (it's 31mb): This is from a screen-saver called Electric Sheep. Images are generated by evolving fractals, using the technique of genetic algorithms: Breeding parent fractals, by selecting...
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    Orwell or Huxley, who's distopian pov was more accurate

    We've got the best of both worlds :D
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    Whelp, this is some ridiculous shit.

    The fail is that IE is the one prone to attacks from dodgy porn sites, whilst Firefox is a lot more resistant. Or that's how it used to be anyway... I'd guess IE7 and above are just as safe as other browsers now.
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    Whelp, this is some ridiculous shit.

    Out of my friends, I'm usually the one to make the cock-ups. Friend had a desktop pc with micro-ATX mobo, but he wanted to upgrade it, and had bought a second hand mobo to replace it with. Problem was, it was an ATX board, so while he was out I sawed off one side of the case, and put the new...
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    Texts From Last Night

    I like this site
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    Superpowers in dreams? :O

    Night terrors, Exploding Head Syndrome, sleep apnea, lucid dreaming, dreams in dreams... each one of these I've seen posted about at some point here. Now I'm aware of them, I dream about them happening to me... so if I don't sleep well I can never pin down what the problem was because I'm not...
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    Your Recent Purchases v2.0

  17. Dinkleberry, I come to rant (about girls of course)

    Interesting thread. What is a ?
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    Anyone got a blog?

    I liked the one about the shopping trolley. Also, nice line spacing on your poems. I've spent a lot of time on Reddit recently. </hypocrisy>
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    Anyone got a blog?

    Post the link!
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    Just seen this...