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  1. kazsymonds

    Easter Egg + Achievement (Spoilers?)

    So, I actually found this by accident whilst stuck (or considering my options). No one on the forum seems to have found it or be talking about it... Am I the first among us to have found it, or is no one interested?
  2. kazsymonds

    Monsters on / Monsters off

    Hey guys. Since the city in the new world is now built (and nearly full!) I was rather hoping we could turn on the monsters! With the gates and drawbridges implemented, there should be no trouble fending them off from our castle walls! Does anyone have any problem with the mobs being...
  3. kazsymonds

    The Unoffical Minecraft server 3.0

    Hi all, After many problems with the various Minecraft servers, I have decided to set up my own Minecraft server. Everyone from is welcome, I will consider allowing friends of members on to the whitelist. Things to note; The server only really has the hardware for 12 players...
  4. kazsymonds

    Who all wants to dig holes with me?

    As above really. Since the glory days of Hokey land there have been few places that we minecraftians can play together. First there was the mynecraft debacle, and then we were able to play on a server rented by Pi who seems to have since abandoned it. I am considering renting a server for the...
  5. kazsymonds

    MOAR HDD Speed? SSD? 10,000rpm?

    Hi all. I recently built my own PC for gaming, and I'm very happy with the performance it gives. However, the thing is a little slow to start up which didn't bother me initially, but I now want to do something about it. I'm thinking the hard drive I bought is the weak link in the chain...
  6. kazsymonds

    Do I need water? (5870)

    Hi All, I recently built my first home build pc, and i'm really happy with it so far, but today i encountered a problem. I decided to buy Crysis and Crysis warhead from steam, as i wouldn't have been able to run them when they were released, so i didn't get them. i'm enjoying Crysis but i seem...
  7. kazsymonds

    Just Built a computer....think i failed...

    Hi All, i just put together my first home build computer and it won't work :(. Its a P6X58D-E mother board i7 920 Corsair 650w psu Anyone got any ideas at all? Can provide more info if needed. The power light comes on on the motherboard, but when i press the button (mobo or case)...
  8. kazsymonds

    One of those "Hay guise, help me build a computer" threads

    Hi All, I've been thinking of building a gaming machine for a good while now, for the past few years i have been gaming on my laptop, which is obviously not ideal, and as i'm expecting a windfall at the end of May, i want to plan my machine. I play mostly Valve games, TF2, L4D2 etc and...
  9. kazsymonds

    TF2 Servers Down

    As above, anyone else struggling (as in not able to at all) to get on the steam servers? Is it me or do valve have a problem?
  10. kazsymonds

    Any tips for getting used to Mouse & Keyboard?

    Hey guys, I recently made the decision to stop my noobish ways and to start playing games the proper manly way (with a mouse and keyboard). I'm not doing TOO badly, but im struggling a little bit - it's like learning the game again. I've changed to playing in pubs so hopefully i can be as...
  11. kazsymonds

    So, you're not enjoying L4D2...

    First of all let me say i owned both the PC version and the 360 version of L4D, i loved every minute of it, nothing else was played on my Xbox for over 6 months, the game was just sublime to me. The problem i have is that i'm not enjoying L4D2. It's not that it's a bad game, it's probably just...
  12. kazsymonds

    Should i get it?

    As above, it's my last day at my current job today, and my workmates have all chipped in and got me a game gift card, with which i can get left 4 dead. Before i continue i will say that i am a COMPLETE pussy when it comes to horror games, i cant even play a silent hill game, and the ravenholm...
  13. kazsymonds

    Anyone else having trouble with steam this morning?

    Anyone? Im in the uk (i assume that makes a difference). Steam asked for my password this morning, when it normally logs straight in. Now it says its having trouble connecting to servers! Not changed my setup, anyone else having trouble?