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  1. Dalamari

    Erik's Back

    Jack's back, baby
  2. Dalamari

    Who's about?

    Odd that I haven't posted here in 6 years. Seems like just not too long ago this site was part of my regular routine. Sup
  3. Dalamari

    Origin names

    Dalamari I'm just that damn creative
  4. Dalamari

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    wood-elf, archery bonus
  5. Dalamari

    Halp me choose a car

    Subaru WRX You could get an 02/03 for around that price and it'll be more reliable than any of the other cars available in the same price range. They're damn quick as well.
  6. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

    The core gameplay isn't different at all, shooting and driving feels the same as the first two. So if you don't dig that, stay away
  7. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

  8. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

  9. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

  10. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

    Sup bros
  11. Dalamari

    Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Second boss fight can suck a dick, I give up
  12. Dalamari

    Post a screenshot!

    Got a new PC months ago, finally getting around to taking some "slowly stroke myself off to graphics" shots
  13. Dalamari

    Phones 'n' stuff

    HTC EVO 4G over here, **** yeah.
  14. Dalamari

    Spotify music player is holyshitawesome

    This. Spotify has shit all for music, I couldn't find most of what I wanted to listen to. Also, ads
  15. Dalamari

    Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    This. I loved the first two, but this looks like trash
  16. Dalamari

    How much time do you actually spend "gaming" these days?

    Almost none these days. Mon-Fri all I do is work, exercise, and practice guitar, so sometimes on the weekends I might slip an hour or two in but I'm usually out with people. Doesn't help that there hasn't really been anything worth playing in a while. But I idle on IRC and browse the internet...
  17. Dalamari

    Anyone tried Homefront?

    Beat Homefront in 3 hours and played two multiplayer matches before sending it back to GameFly. Shitty game.
  18. Dalamari

    Good documentaries?

    Catfish /thread
  19. Dalamari

    Who is still here from the good old days?

    Pobz showing up briefly and then leaving without saying anything? Welcome to davo
  20. Dalamari

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    I ****ING WANT I ****ING WANT I ****ING WANT I ****ING WANT I ****ING WANT I ****ING WANT **** you guys and your "don't believe da hype" bullshit. I've got some Peter Molyneux levels of excitement going right now and cannot ****ing wait for this.