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  1. pilot7893

    Anyway I can convert .fsb to .mp3?

    I'm trying to get a song from Battlestations Pacific in a format Vegas can read, so I can use it in one of my films. However, I don't know how to convert it from .fsb to .mp3. I tried googling it, but not much came up.
  2. pilot7893

    Where do I find all the HL2 sounds?

    I have GCFScape, and I couldn't find them in half-life 2 content.gcf, nor half-life 2 dialog.gcf. I'm trying to put all the sounds into Portal, to fix the absense of many sounds when playing the HL2 maps in Portal, but I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone help?
  3. pilot7893

    Just noticed something in the demo

    I looked on the side of the CEDA Van that is before the crescendo event in the second chapter, and noticed this. I guess they're already putting easter eggs in the demo?
  4. pilot7893

    Have you ever been accused of hacking?

    Have you? I have, once. Jeez, a few lucky airshots with Demo and people get suspicious.:hmph:
  5. pilot7893

    New special infected, "The Jockey"

    Oh god, Versus is going to be a lot more fun:p
  6. pilot7893

    So this si what Runway finale was originally gonna be like...

    Found this on the L4D Wikia. Shite. Imagine this in Versus.
  7. pilot7893

    Why you don't film on a public server

    This is funny.
  8. pilot7893

    Custom Tank music doesn't loop

    I set my Tank music in L4D to a mix of Andy Hunter's Come On, so I could have a regular version and a finale version. I then put snd_rebuildsoundcache in Console to prevent it cutting off at the default tank music length. However, once the file finishes playing in game, it doesn't loop. It just...
  9. pilot7893

    L4D Soundmod- Scout Hunters I think this is a bit better than my Portal soundmod. It seems to be a fad of sorts to replace sounds in L4D, doesn't it? I'm planning on making Sniper Smokers and Demo Boomers next.
  10. pilot7893

    So I finally got around to making a Portal soundmod Say what you want about how generic and unoriginal it is, I find it funny.
  11. pilot7893

    Have you or do you plan on changing any sounds?

    Show examples, or describe sound mods you have or want to make for Left 4 Dead. Oce I get L4D PC, I'm probably going to change my Tank music to this
  12. pilot7893

    Ace Combat 6

    Anyone else have it? We could plan some online sessions, because only one of my friends has it.
  13. pilot7893

    Where is Portal's sound folder?

    I'm trying to make a soundpack for Portal, but I can't find the sound directory. You know, the folder with all the in game sounds in WAV format?
  14. pilot7893

    Can't open Console in Portal PC

    I just purchased Portal for the PC, and so far I love it! There's just one peoblem. When I press the developer console button, nothing happens. I finished the game, still nothing. I checked to make sure I was pushing the right button, and I was. What am I doing wrong?
  15. pilot7893

    Funny L4D videos you found on Youtube lol's were had
  16. pilot7893

    What's your general reaction whenever you hear this soundtrack? OH SHIT GIVE ME THAT ASSAULT RIFLE NOW
  17. pilot7893

    What's your favorite and least favorite campaign?

    My favorite is Dead Air. My username may help explain why, plus it's fairly easy in my opinion. My least favorite is Blood Harvest. I hate the atmosphere, I always die right before getting to the truck, it's way too easy to get lost. I just don't like it.
  18. pilot7893

    Xbox 360 headset trouble

    I bought a wired headset for my wireless 360 controller, but I couldn't talk to anyone on live, or hear them. I thought it was broken, but I could send voice messages to my friends and they could send them back. All the games I was testing them on had voice. I brought one of my friends over, and...
  19. pilot7893

    Just finished No Mercy

    I completed my first campaign today. I was on Live, doing No Mercy. I actually managed to get through the whole level without dying once. Of course, there was this one kid who decided to do everything he could to get us killed. He would startle every witch he could, which of course backfired...
  20. pilot7893

    Thinking of buying L4D

    For getting a good report card, my parents are letting me get one 360 game of my choice, and I picked Left 4 Dead. I was considering getting it for PC, but then I remembered my friend has the 360 version, so I could play online with him if I got the 360 version. Do you guys think this is a good...