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  1. Iron_cube


    No guys, the pyro aspect of the game is fine.
  2. Iron_cube

    Valve Are Aware of the Europe Prices Issue

    "Working on a fix?" lolwat?
  3. Iron_cube

    Peggle Extreme is Now Free

    Cool. Too bad it runs like shite with ATI cards
  4. Iron_cube

    Cheat the achievements.

    Pro-tip for Safety First : Kick the bots and play the whole campaign 1player. It's doable on Easy. Maybe normal too.
  5. Iron_cube

    Green Tank aka The Hulk (PICS)

    ent_fire !picker color "0 255 0" neeeext.
  6. Iron_cube

    Hunter wall jumping

    This is the perfect tool to escape if you were shoved but not shot yet.
  7. Iron_cube

    Left 4 Dead Blog Update: The Intro Movie

    Interesting how the first two videos were recorded with live valve players controlling the characters themselves.
  8. Iron_cube

    Valve's Lifetime Retail Sales Revealed

    CS Xbox :laugh: It's a shame Blue Shift is basically a HL1 mappack due to the lack of new/op4 content, otherwise it would have been more popular
  9. Iron_cube Left 4 Dead Versus Server

    Should have waited for the upcoming patch. Now you'll get infected people glitch-voting to change the difficulty to Expert.
  10. Iron_cube

    "New Campaigns"

    Thanks to the tornado.
  11. Iron_cube

    New Content Poll

    Movies, definitely. I love the escape vehicles
  12. Iron_cube

    Favorite Infected Class?

    Instead of getting shoved 10 miles back and shot when approaching them, you type kill and voila, 4 survivors covered in bile.
  13. Iron_cube

    Favourite Campaign?

    No mercy, considering I played the demo to death (40 hours :()
  14. Iron_cube

    Favorite Infected Class?

    I say Boomer, until they fix the suicide "exploit".
  15. Iron_cube

    "They Hunger" Co-op To Be Included With Sven Co-op 4.0

    Sven co-op 2 is not hidden away in development. It does not exist. Period.
  16. Iron_cube

    Happy Birthday Half Life

    You guys are completely retarded. HL1 costs under 1 buck now.
  17. Iron_cube

    Happy Birthday Half Life HL1 for one dollar PUT IT ON THE NEWS, NAO
  18. Iron_cube

    World at Steam

    Oh yeah, it has zombies. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  19. Iron_cube

    breen on newspaper?

    That's because the prop is straight from HL2, no reskin whatsoever.
  20. Iron_cube

    glitch on my end or the server?

    It's not missing textures, it's a missing cubemap. Restart the game and do not alt-tab