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  1. Apos

    ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up - 26th January 2013

    As a long-ago hl2 poster (Apos) and now a responsive web-designer, I'm a big fan of this approach. The comments section textarea still seems to have a fixed width on mobile, but it's a small thing. Totally applaud everything else.
  2. Apos

    Another Portal Update (Alternate Ending Added)

  3. Apos

    Gabe Newell's Interview with G4

    I dunno folks: Gabe's last answer is very interesting. He really seems to sort of be saying that Ep3 info will get leaked in a fun way, like the way that the spy video got "leaked."
  4. Apos

    Left 4 Dead Team-based Versus Matchmaking Coming Soon

    Maybe they should take the ten seconds it would take to fix "Quick Match" such that you don't have to do it over and over only to have it make you join full servers and then fail out.
  5. Apos

    New Left 4 Dead Patch This Week

    I hope they fix quickmatch. Still hard to believe that it works the way it does, where the computer will pick servers that are full or that will kick you immediately because of a reserved slot... and this ends you "quickmatch" session.
  6. Apos

    Team Fortress 2 Medic Update = Early Next Week

    It's the part where you obsessively bring up GTA4 as having something, anything to do with this news item, at all. That's pretty silly, dude.
  7. Apos

    Shacknews Interviews Robin Walker

    "Everyone was playing as medics" = FAIL.
  8. Apos

    New Team Fortress 2 Content Scheduled for Mid-April

    I really hope they've thought about one potentially screwy situation that this "medic medic medic" update might cause: way way too many people wanting to play all the time as medics. I mean, with no other class achievements to get, and everyone wanting to try and be the first with the new...
  9. Apos

    PCGamer Preview of The New TF2 updates

    This one is sort of annoying: it basically rewards bad gameplay. They need to get at least Goldrush out the door soon though. They can play with the other stuff until its perfect, but new maps shouldn't wait until fine gameplay tweaks.
  10. Apos

    Steam is Epic!

    All these games, and all I want is one new map: Goldrush. Get on it Gabe!
  11. Apos

    Football Manager 2008 is Now Available on Steam

    Sounds OK, but when are they going to come out with "Chartered Accountancy: The Game"!!! That would be even more of a blast! Or how about "Here, Organize These Paperclips 2: The Return" ?
  12. Apos

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    I needs me some goldrush. Stat.
  13. Apos

    New Team Fortress 2 Update (CTF_Well is Here)

    I have to say that I was excited for this, but now that it's here, I think second guessing Valve was silly. CP maps just make for a way better game somehow: they are just plain perfect the way the field of battle keeps things moving. 2fort is okay, but I really like the CP gamestyle much...
  14. Apos

    Team Fortress 2 Getting Another CTF Map Today?

    They should periodically announce a date way in advance and then release things as a surprise sooner. It would be good PR.
  15. Apos

    Team Fortress 2 Gets Unlocked!

    I don't have steamfriends! Nor want them. :) It's an annoying bit of "tote that barge" exercise in pointlessness for me.
  16. Apos

    Team Fortress 2 Gets Unlocked!

    Well, that's it for me I guess, because I'll never bother to get the stupid "play with friends!" achievement, leaving me dead in the water... I'm a little disappointed with the server population as it is: seems like every other servers is a "24/7 2fort!" server. I like all the maps. I like...
  17. Apos

    Bioshock and Enemy Territory 20% Off

    Does Bioshock still have that horrible DRM install that caused so much controversy? I could never get the demo to load in any case: it always crashed after the logo. On a new computer with everything fresh and updated.
  18. Apos

    Valve Opens The Orange Box!

    My decryption is sort of like that Futurama episode where Bender will be executed, but instead of a countdown, they have a random number generator. I'm going from like 55% to 65% to 5% to 22% to 10%. I know I'll get lucky and hit 100% sometime. :)
  19. Apos

    Update on DOSBox and Steam

    It would be nice if I have any freakin idea what anyone was talking about, maybe. :)
  20. Apos

    Propaganda Exposed: The Extremist Agenda (VIDEO)

    Yes, Glenn Beck is an extremist nutcase. I don't even need to see the video to know that.