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    Gonna miss :(
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    Gabe Newell: New Penny-Arcade interview

    Nah, no worries.
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    Gabe Newell: New Penny-Arcade interview

    I think this is front page worthy: Basically he says that he wants Valve to have a more complete package ready before announcement. I can see his point here imo. Edit: Fine then.
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    NECA line of Valve figures revealed

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    Blizzard open case over Valve using Dota Trademark

    Blizzard are trying to be arseholes because Valve capitalized on it first. If they win, someone took a backhander.
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    This could be a troll but...

    Don't get your hopes up but this has been doing the rounds: Of course, it could not be a Valve employee and its easy to make a shirt. Plus shouldn't the 3 be in the corner and the lambda symbol in the...
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    PC Beta Sept. 29th, 27th with Origin pre-order

    Officially the PC beta goes Open at 1PM GMT today, the timer says 1 and a half hours to go. PS3 version is already rocking and looks quite impressive imo. Like everyone else I'm not completely sold on Metro, I was expecting more of that "Go anywhere, find a nice spot to get good kills" but then...
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    Farewell R.E.M.

    Oh man thats going to be the popular phrase for this isn't it? :P
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    Farewell R.E.M. :(
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    Well I am faced with quite a decision.

    Sixteenth: It should've been general anaesthetic.
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    Gamescom appearence for Valve

    (tried to word the title so I wouldn't get people completely excited) CVG have confirmed that Valve will be appearing at Gamescom this year. Whether or not that means a new game or another seminar on games...
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    Portal 2 spoiler thread

    Never saw one here, I haven't got it yet but I thought I'd be helpful by making one. Post everything you know about the Borealis here :P
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    8.8 earthquake hits japan, followed by tsunamis

    Thats one hell of an explosion. Videos are arriving as we speak.
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    Valve Hopes PS3 Steamworks Extends Beyond Portal 2

    The best way for Microsoft to counteract this would be to offer similar or a better deal. However with the way it handled Kinect and casual gaming, I don't think market research is a strong point of theirs.
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    the End is Here: Foxnews declares the PC is dead

    **** Fox News. That is all.
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    Major Dick Winters passed away last week

    Ennui couldn't have said it any better. I agree. RIP. And thanks.
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    New Hip Hop / Rap Music

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
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    Rather brilliantly, I discovered them yesterday as well :D