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  1. Apocalypse89

    Counter-Strike: GOing Deep - Part 1

    Having not played CS(Source or otherwise) for many years, it's kind of weird seeing a modern war FPS where the player is not spending half the time looking down an iron sight/red dot sight/ACOG.
  2. Apocalypse89

    The No News VGA Announcement: "We are not announcing anything."

    I still remember how people theorized that there would be an "Orange Box 2" which contained Left 4 Dead(the first one), Portal 2, and Episode 3. I can only hope that the reason Ep. 3 is taking so long is so when(and hopefully it's a 'when' and not an 'if') it comes out, it'll have the same...
  3. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    Going back to BF2 after a while of BC2, I think the commo-rose is a definite plus. It's immensely useful being able to call for a medic when there's one nearby but not in your line of sight, for instance, and being able to thank people is a nice little gesture. Not to mention being able to spot...
  4. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    I really should get around to getting a new computer...don't want to miss out on yet another Battlefield's heyday because I couldn't be arsed to buy a PC that could run it lol In the meantime, I've been playing some good old BF2 to get back in the main series BF mood.
  5. Apocalypse89

    Keylogging Military Hardware/Software

    Use state-of-the-art weapons and technology to kill enemies from across the globe. Need to check Kaspersky's website to see how to remove a virus from your system. The US Military
  6. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    There's also no telling if the "getting on machinegun" animation is going to be an actual part of MP or if it's just another scripted SP event, like dragging the wounded soldier to safety. Personally I thought the most interesting part of the video was the quick montage of other settings near...
  7. Apocalypse89

    Steam Guard Announced

    Sounds like a good idea as long as: 1. It's optional, for people who often switch computers or just don't like the idea of Steam being restricted to a single machine. 2. Provisions are made for suddenly losing the controlling machine.
  8. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    I remember a whole bunch of similar moments from BF1942 and its mods. If BF3's MP can capture half that excitement(because let's face it, the uni graduate I'll be by the time this comes out will be much harder to impress than the middle school kid I was when I first picked up BF42) then I...
  9. Apocalypse89

    Your recent gaming purchases

    Decided to use my Bioware points left over from my last purchases and got the Firepower Pack. It was the only one of the minor 160 point DLCs that really interested me.
  10. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    I won't deny that the two minutes of footage we've seen scream "Call of Battlefield: Bad Warfare 3". At the same time, I won't use those two minutes to judge the entire singleplayer campaign(let alone the entire game including MP). Maybe what they've shown us is an early "tutorial level" of...
  11. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    I haven't played the recent BFs and so can't judge, but I'm referring to the general trend where games seem to be made for consoles first and ported to PC second. Even if it's well-made and optimized for the PC, there are always little details that remind you that a game was originally made for...
  12. Apocalypse89

    Battlefield 3

    Despite being a complete BF1942 nerd, this might be the first Battlefield game I seriously get into since...the BF2 demo. Actually I'm planning to get BC2 very soon too, but it seems a bit late to really get into it. It's good to hear that they're making PC the lead platform for once...let's...
  13. Apocalypse89

    Your recent gaming purchases

    The Shadow Broker and Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2. This game's been taking way too long for me to finish, and all the DLC that's coming out as I play it on and off isn't helping. :p
  14. Apocalypse89

    Portal 2 Achievements Revealed

    I'm calling it now, Portal 2's ending unlocks an Episode 3 trailer that announces its release holiday 2011. And you get a 20% discount for buying Portal 2.
  15. Apocalypse89

    Mass Effect 2

    I just picked up ME2 again, and noticed that the Overlord DLC has been out for a while. How is it? I've heard a few good things about it, but I haven't read enough to really know if it's worth buying. It certainly looks more attractive than the random ammo/armor DLC that keep coming out...
  16. Apocalypse89

    Are you boycotting BP?

    Wasn't BP's safety record even before the spill much worse than other oil companies'?
  17. Apocalypse89

    The most insanely overpriced limited edition for a game ever??

    The only Limited/Collector/etc. edition I've ever bought was for Mass Effect 2. It was only 1 or 2 BD($3 or $6) more than the regular edition in my country, had cover art that doesn't suck ass, and all the extra stuff was neat if not necessary.
  18. Apocalypse89

    FIFA World Cup

    I love those photos and videos...a major reason I follow football(and sports in general) is all the human drama involved, which obviously is greatest in major international events. Overall I thought it was a good and interesting tournament, officiating controversies aside.
  19. Apocalypse89

    2055 <--- not a year

    Wow, France nuked the **** out of those three random spots in the Pacific ocean.
  20. Apocalypse89

    Hiroshima - Really necessary?

    It's also worth noting that the whole social stigma associated with nuclear weapons as horrific doomsday devices didn't exist yet...the full effects of nuclear bombing on humans hadn't been observed, and the constant fear of an apocalyptic nuclear exchange was still several years off. To the...