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  1. Viperidae

    I've been near constantly drunk for several months now

    The only thing I can recommend in addition to the above is to try and focus on someone close to you. Just listen to them, spend time with them, engage with them so you can keep your mind off the part of your brain telling you to drink. Sharing the problem with someone else can give you support...
  2. Viperidae

    Laptops without windows will sell you any of their laptops without Windows. The idea is to free up cost so you can spend money on upgrades instead. Not sure if it's at all a deal, since they're a reseller.
  3. Viperidae

    What is your speed?

    Gosh, ISP monopoly is just wonderful. Also, beautiful improvement since 2007. Just sublime.
  4. Viperidae

    which CS are you playing now a days?

    1.6 (blue moon). If I had my choice, 1.5 with custom maps.
  5. Viperidae

    ARMA 3

    2013/11/21 TVT07 Black Lagoon v01f Improvements: -monster: added ability to teleport to a random location 20m away -monster: added sound to attack ability on hit -monster: no longer spawns with watch, radio, compass -monster: loses items on death -survivors: moved Gerard so he no longer...
  6. Viperidae

    ARMA 3

    I will begin posting changelogs for my missions so everyone can keep up. Feel free to post suggestions. 2013/11/18: TVT16 Emergency Surgery v03a Improvements: -added locked vehicles in front of hospital -added Opfor Ifrit in front of hospital -loadout: AI and players start equipped with...
  7. Viperidae

    Trainwreck - Animated TFC Coop Mishaps

    Sliv being a looped badass.
  8. Viperidae

    The Winterfell Huis Clos, and other mind-blowing ASOIAF/GOT theories

    EXTREME SPOILERS AHEAD - DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ ADWD AND WANT ASOIAF ENDGAME SPECULATION I stumbled on this guy's site a few weeks ago, and it's haunted me ever since. It started out as a treatise on the Winterfell chapters in ADwD...
  9. Viperidae

    Your number one film

    It's still a list thread. So it's on par with Buzzfeed. Still, nobody's going to watch someone's entire list of movies they like unless they deeply respect that person. For strangers, limiting the choice to one film, and having the attitude of "this is the one and only film I recommend" is...
  10. Viperidae

    Your number one film

    The following members: August Levinstine Ikagara 99.vikram Mogi67 BadHat :( Pikminiman bobtheskull TechnoHappyChic Lncr D-tarded cannot comprehend basic sentences nor count to one. That's why it's an interesting question. It's not an easy one. It's a difficult thing to decide. You...
  11. Viperidae

    Steam Machine Prototype Revealed + Details

    For little money you could buy a computer that does what this machine does right now.
  12. Viperidae

    Steam Machine Prototype Revealed + Details

    Explain why.
  13. Viperidae

    I finally remembered the name of this game. Nostalgia Thread

    Either this: Or this: As a kid, I thought I was talking to Stephen Hawking.
  14. Viperidae

    Cross swords with me

    But!~ Go to 4:00.
  15. Viperidae

    Post your latest purchases with pics (NO STOCK IMAGES)

    2x Seimitsu LS-32-02 16x Sanwa OBSN-30 2x Seimitsu Green Ball Tops 2x Terminal strips 30x Female Quick Connects 1x Happ Competition 8x Happ Buttons Game on.
  16. Viperidae

    Your number one film

    The thread title asked for one, but you provided three. What are we to make of your inability to count? Anyway: Fincher's Zodiac.
  17. Viperidae

    Indie Game Devs Give Their Thoughts on Valve's Steam Controller

    A+ argumentation would debate again.
  18. Viperidae

    Indie Game Devs Give Their Thoughts on Valve's Steam Controller

    This will suck and blow chunks for fighting games. Therefore, not jack of all trades.
  19. Viperidae

    ARMA 3

    I'd be more excited tootoo, but I'm up to my eyes in all the goddamn sun flares in EVERY screenshot and video. WE GET IT, IT'S SUNNY ON ALTIS.