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  1. DoctorWeeTodd

    JJ Abrams And Gabe Newell Show Interest In Partnership

    Was video recording not allowed in this keynote? I've been dying to actually watch this, since it was announced. Every other D.I.C.E. talk has been recorded and uploaded online, but not this which is the one everyone talks about.
  2. DoctorWeeTodd

    Jan 15th: Newest Batch Of Greenlit Games And Software Announced

    Doesn't Leisure Suit Larry violate the previous Edict on sex and dating games?
  3. DoctorWeeTodd

    New Images of Half-life 2: Episode 4 / Return to Ravenholm

    Others have said it before, but I believe that Valve time or Lambda Generation reported that in this episode Gordon wasn't the player character but instead it was Alyx, Father Grigori, or Barney. I think the Absorption meter refers to radiation or some other hazardous particles that the player...
  4. DoctorWeeTodd

    Half-Life 1997 Alpha Preview Disc Leaked

    I can't seem to get it to run, at the moment, will go through the cfgs more to see if I can spot the problem.
  5. DoctorWeeTodd

    EA sought to acquire Valve

    Considering that EA bought PopCap for $750 Million, and BioWare and Pandemic for $860 Million, a Billion Dollars was a really cheap bid for VALVe.
  6. DoctorWeeTodd

    CS:GO Trailer 'Making Of' Video

    No, but it certainly adds to the production value when you have access to studio motion capture equipment, and a live orchestra. Notice, how none of the actors have facial animation capture markers on them? That's because companies like Pixar, Naughty Dog, and VALVe prefer to animate facial...
  7. DoctorWeeTodd

    "I disagree with the suggestion that they have no structure [at Valve]" - Kim Swift

    The VALVe handbook was released by VALVe right on their Facebook page. I don't think it's meant to be kept airtight.
  8. DoctorWeeTodd

    New Valve IP "SOB" Found in Dota 2 Leak

    Son of a bitch, how many resources can go into Episode 3?
  9. DoctorWeeTodd

    Massive Gabe Newell interview soon in PC Gamer

    Damn you! Episode 3 will never come out.
  10. DoctorWeeTodd

    Fans picketing outside of Valve's office for HL3

    Dammit, I thought about doing when I went to Seattle last year!
  11. DoctorWeeTodd

    Valve and OnLive are Friends

    I'm an early adopter of Onlive. It runs well and is a great service. The video quality streaming quality is top notch, but like any streaming video quality it gets blurry and artifacts show up now and again but for a client that was originally smaller than a megabyte that's most impressive. Lag...
  12. DoctorWeeTodd

    Chell on front cover of Canard PC magazine

    Hey! Tank top? Michelle Rodriguez can play her!
  13. DoctorWeeTodd

    Portal 2 PS3 Steam Features Revealed

    Yeah, I'll probably buy this for PS3 as well.
  14. DoctorWeeTodd

    Water Mod Announced

    "[b]An[b] cold beverage"
  15. DoctorWeeTodd

    TF2 Community Contributors Get Paid Very Well!

    ****ing hell, I finally know my career path!
  16. DoctorWeeTodd

    Gaming Heads to Release Headcrab Zombie Figure

    I would rather have a figure that breaks and I can easily replace for eight times than have one statue that I can't pose and will be afraid to dust. For a comparable super expensive toy. The Dark Knight MMS DX 01 1/6th Scale Joker figure: It includes...
  17. DoctorWeeTodd

    The Sacrifice DLC for L4D and L4D2 Coming October 5th

    Although Zoey's face doesn't quite look like Zoey's, this is my favorite poster yet.
  18. DoctorWeeTodd

    Are you sick and tired of the Ragdoll system?

    I agree. Even in 2004, HL2's ragdoll animations were already somewhat behind the curve. Max Payne 2's ragdoll system featured key framed death animations to look more natural, as well as collapsing enemies, and character reactions to items being stacked on top of them. Splinter Cell's models...
  19. DoctorWeeTodd

    Portal 2 delayed, E3 Surprise "Portal 2 Themed"

    Haha! I think it's epic that VALVe referenced VALVe time themselves in their official statement. At least they have a good sense of humor about it. Blizzard and 3D Realms are known to get hostile when confronted with their delays.
  20. DoctorWeeTodd

    Heavy Statues, Cuddly Zombies, and Hemophilia.

    I'm thankful I lost my debit card and that their site isn't all together yet. Fifty dollars just for the plushie? I don't know what I would be prepared to spend on a Gordon Freeman statue, let alone a fully posable articulated Alyx.