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  1. Emporius

    Oy! What are you playing?

    Let's reconnect here folks! What are people playing, and who wants to play with them? Personally my systems are in a state of disrepair right now so Minecraft is really the only multiplayer game available to me.
  2. Emporius

    Who's about?

    I feel like I also need to say thanks to everyone. If I had more time maybe I could put it into better words, but this was/is a special place. In a time when anxiety ruled my being, this was a place to feel accepted, to feel listened to. I was a young dumb kid on the internet and you folks made...
  3. Emporius

    Who's about?

    So many familiar names. I hope everyone is well, lots of love!
  4. Emporius


    nmu? He's a fake! Ennui, it's been a while! Nice to still see so many familiar names around.
  5. Emporius


    I don't know if anybody remembers me, but I thought I'd swing by and say hi.
  6. Emporius

    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    I mean, you could try mine?
  7. Emporius


    Wheeeeere am I?!
  8. Emporius


    Who the hell ARE you people?
  9. Emporius

    Introduction: Mingagag

    Something, somewhere, just became sentient, and it's more terrible than we ever could have imagined.
  10. Emporius

    Your food inventions

    Peanut Butter Pickle Hors D'Oeuvres. Ritz crackers smeared with smooth peanut butter, topped with a sliced bread and butter pickle.
  11. Emporius


    So far I've been riding all winter this year, although it was definitely more difficult some days than others...
  12. Emporius


    I chose not to get a cellphone until university. Never really felt I needed one in high school, got along fine with home homephone, email, ims. When I finally did get a phone, I got a cheap clamshell. All I needed was a phone that was, you know, a phone, and could even text. My provider called...
  13. Emporius

    Wind Waker HD announced

    That's what I'm hoping, or at least flesh out some of the side quests from the original.
  14. Emporius

    Wind Waker HD announced

    Soooo they added bloom? Let's hope there's some more finishing touches.
  15. Emporius

    /me slaps you around a bit with a large trout

    /me can finally talk about these assholes behind their backs...
  16. Emporius


    I love how 'Church' becomes 'Kill, an Chill'.
  17. Emporius

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  18. Emporius

    Lock-Out is over!

    DERP Pretty terrifying actually, he had an electron gun pointed at me the whole time... ...flatscreens are no fun....
  19. Emporius

    Lock-Out is over!

    Had a TV come into the store where I work (sports store) to do a piece on the aftermath of the lockout on local business.