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    'Gay Baby' Article Angers Both Sides

    So tell me, when exactly did you "choose" or "were forced by society" to become heterosexual?
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    Global warming will kill us all!

    As I posted previously in this thread:
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    'Gay Baby' Article Angers Both Sides

    I wish they could identify tendancy towards religious nuttism before birth, so they could stop it at the womb.
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    US Presidential candidate quiz

    (100%) 1: Sen. Barack Obama (D) Information (91%) 2: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) Information (83%) 3: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark (D) Information (80%) 4: Ex-VP Al Gore (D) Information (76%) 5: Gov. Bill Richardson (D) Information (75%) 6: Sen. Christopher Dodd (D) Information (74%) 7: Ex-Sen...
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    Global warming will kill us all!

    So you are willing to fly in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence because there are some nutjobs in the world? And I must agree with SAJ here, it would seem to me that the population of nutjobs is higher on the global warming deniers side...
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    Richard Dawkins

    Just finished watching this. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Dawkins is indeed the definitive dude.
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    Global warming will kill us all!

    I've posted in other Global Warming topics, but I figured I might as well post here too: First of all: On a more serious note, as far as I can see, there are three primary elements to Global Warming: 1. Is the Global Warming phenomenon itself...
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    The Great Global Warming Swindle

    Hmm... I see your point Sulkdodds. I guess we should keep it open then...
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    The Great Global Warming Swindle

    Nope. But I'm going to argue my point anyways ;) I mean, it's been established for over a hundred years that CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere cause the Earth to be warm. If it didn't, the Earth's temperature would be a whole lot lower and humans would have never evolved...
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    Gene Roddenberry's vison?

    I agree, Candyman, err... Candy Art. If I were able to explore space that would be enough reward for me.
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    Strong Atheism, or Weak Atheism?

    This may be a little off topic, but it applies to religion, and is an excellent way to see why people become atheists. It's a letter to Dr. Laura, who is a conservative, bible-toting radio show host in the U.S., and the person writing it is Jim. (I think he's trying to be sarcastic ;))
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    Toothache leads to boys death

    I would disagree with that, mainly because a person's worth is a very difficult thing to calculate. Were a person to fall ill, the medical expenses might amount to over a million dollars (some of this, of course, would be expenditures for multiple people applied to only one, but whatever)...
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    Oh I agree. I just think it's odd to be proud of a country founded on genocide.
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    I'm proud to be born in a place that was robbed from Native Americans.
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    Yet another political test

    Your scores: Radicalism: 90 percent Tenderness: 36.5 percent Socialism: 83 percent These scores indicate that you are a tough-minded radical; this is the political profile one might associate with a liberated atheist. It appears that you are cynical towards religion, and have a balanced...
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    Toothache leads to boys death

    It really boggles the mind how $100,000 a minute can be spent on all manners of killing people, but only pennies are spent trying to keep people alive. It's seriously ****ed up.
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    Yay for Iraqi democracy

    You make the most... uh... interesting posts, kathaksung... EDIT: Oh wait, that's Mecha's edit. nm.
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    Guilty until proven innocent?

    Cole puts this very well, but I thought we should include the other options for comparison: Did you murder Fred? Yes, until proven no. Consequently, did everyone else murder Fred? Yes, until proven no. Are you qualified for the job? Yes, until proven no. Consequently, is everyone else...
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    Conservapedia - Because Reality Has a Liberal Bias!

    Heh, that's what I was thinking...