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  1. Laivasse

    Film Noir

    So I was going to just stick a summary in the discussion thread, but it got too long. I've been on a big film noir kick lately, checking out all the ones with the best rep over the last couple of weeks, so here's a rundown of what I've seen. I still have Nightmare Alley, Thieves' Highway and...
  2. Laivasse

    Ode to a Welsh town

    I felt some non-existent Welsh blood stirring in me upon hearing this, although it might be all the Paddy I've imbibed.
  3. Laivasse

    Episode 2 physics completely broken

    Okay, so a few months back I started my 3rd or 4th play through of Episode 2, this time on my new machine. At a couple of points, I began to notice a bizarre and irritating glitch, in which physics objects or ragdolls, when toppled over, would glitch through the surface of the floor then start...
  4. Laivasse

    UK Internet users can't edit Wikipedia because SOMEBODY-THINK-OF-THE-CHILDREN I learnt of this via an Uncyclopedia article, containing a link entitled 'Wikipedia? More like WikiPEDO-a' :laugh: But seriously :| This ****ing hysteria has got to stop. Britain is becoming such a shithole when it comes to personal freedoms...
  5. Laivasse

    8 yr old murders dad, grandma says 'no sh*t' I don't normally post this kind of thing, but whu...? Sounds like a miniature psychopath! Although it seems like he was driven to it. But just how 'methodical' and well-planned can a murder by an 8 year old be?? "Police believe that some diagrams...
  6. Laivasse

    Second Troopergate Report Clears Palin

    With all the McCain campaign's mugging about 'Forget this first report, just wait and see what the NEXT one says... *NUDGEWINK*' this is hardly a surprise. A personnel board hand picked by Palin comes out in favour of her? Heart attack. This...
  7. Laivasse

    Third and final presidential debate

    Streaming sources that I know of: mms:// At least it won't be in that tedious town hall format where half the time is spent guffing about how terrific the...
  8. Laivasse

    McCain campaign taps into supporters' violent bigotry

    Since the McCain campaign has run out of actual talking points bar that of 'OBAMA IS EVIL,' they now seem content to light the fuse of their supporters' collective bigotry with all the recent 'terrorist' scaremongering. If the videos from the other thread of Ohio and Pennsylvania supporters...
  9. Laivasse

    Silent Hunter 4?

    I remember being vaguely interested in this game way back when it came out and that it had a few fans on this forum, so when I saw it going for $20 with the U-boat missions included I decided to pick it up the other day. Since I'm just about to install it: what's the verdict on this game...
  10. Laivasse

    LAPTOPSHOPPERY - hold my hand

    Hai guys, this is a thread for people to coo sweet reassurances to me while I hum and haw over a laptop purchase. Basically I'm looking for recommendations for a desktop replacement laptop, since I'm currently bouncing around between various residences. Money is - more or less - no object...
  11. Laivasse

    David Davis stands down over 42-day detention

    For anyone who knows what this is about, you have to have some kind of view on it. For those who don't, it's actually slightly more interesting that the dry-ass thread title and huge-ass block of text makes it seem. The bit in italics is the bit you can feel free to skip if you already know who...
  12. Laivasse

    Diminishing freedoms due to poor grasp of statistics

    I've chanced across a lot of articles recently about subjects such as new info-snooping databases in the UK, police abuses of power and terror paranoia, and it's caused me to think a lot about the nature of freedom nowadays. So when I read this article just now, which happens to be very much...
  13. Laivasse

    Ignoramus' RAM question.

    For various reasons that are too complex and boring to go into, I have ended up in possession of two 1Gb sticks of RAM for my comp that are of different brands. Not only are they of different brands, but one is ECC and one is not (but it shouldn't matter since my mobo doesn't support ECC anyway)...
  14. Laivasse

    To hell with Sudden Death!

    I've held a low-level dislike for Sudden Death for a while now - nothing like the kind of dissatisfaction that would compel me to make a thread about it, but in game I might occasionally feel like asserting "ah man, SD is SHIT" upon hearing the dreaded 'YOU FAILED!' But after having 2...
  15. Laivasse

    Favourite voicing/audio diary? *spoilers likely*

    One of the things that struck me immediately even upon playing the demo of this game was how great the voice acting and sound is. Having finally finished the full game, I've come to appreciate just how crucial the voice acting and audio diaries were in giving life and character to the idea of...
  16. Laivasse

    BBC2 20 minutes; must-watch documentary by Adam Curtis!

    Some of you may remember a documentary a while back called 'The Power of Nightmares' (about how the threat of global terrorism was being manipulated by western governments). If you remember that and you're in the UK, you might be interested to know that Adam Curtis (maker of that...
  17. Laivasse

    Dispatches: What Muslims Want

    This is a TV programme going out in the UK at 8pm tonight. I would have stuck this thread in TV, but I figure the material is so unavoidably political that this thread would end up being moved here anyway. The programme looks like it could be interesting. From what I've heard Dispatches have...
  18. Laivasse

    Bug in Kvatch: guards screw me

    Damn, this is annoying. *mild spoiler?*I've just shut the Kvatch Oblivion gate and gone back to speak to the head guard, Matius. The trouble is, as soon as he shouts 'For Kvatch!' and runs off, the 2 guards standing there turn on me and beat me senseless. They're fine before I speak to him...
  19. Laivasse

    Dead Man's Shoes

    Anyone seen this British film by Shane Meadows? I had the pleasure of seeing it a few nights ago, and although it didn't blow my mind, I still liked it a lot and it has stuck unshakeably in my head since. It's basically a revenge flick about an ex-army guy who comes back to his hometown in...
  20. Laivasse

    Leaked material on London 'suicide bomber' shooting

    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread on this (at least I don't think there is one).,15935,1550679,00.html