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  1. TwwIX

    Mann vs Machine TF2 Update - Day 1

    A horde mode for Team Fortress 2? This will be gloooorious!
  2. TwwIX

    EA: "Steam sales cheapen intellectual property."

    And the prices are still a rip off. This is just another example of EA's lack of integrity. Not that they ****ing had any to begin with.
  3. TwwIX

    Ouya games console (Kickstarter)

    It's just another over hyped cloud gaming device with Android installed. We already have OnLive for that and it's ****ing terrible. Cloud gaming just isn't viable in today's market. Not until internet service providers start removing bandwidth caps and increasing download speeds.
  4. TwwIX

    EA: "Steam sales cheapen intellectual property."

    lol Isn't this same nonsensical rant that said about Steam a few months ago? Cry some more?
  5. TwwIX

    Borderlands 2 "gameplay blowout"

    That's what they're promising. Each weapon manufacturer will have their own distinct look. This should be a good year for co-op centric players like me. Torchlight 2 is another one too look forward too. I also just got invited into the Firefall beta and that game is shaping up really nicely too.
  6. TwwIX

    Borderlands 2 "gameplay blowout"

    Here's some gameplay footage of the Gunzerker and Siren. It's looking pretty good. The various damage models on the enemies is really neat. I also like how every weapon has a unique look now. From the visual effects to its own set of animations. The combat also appears to be a bit faster...
  7. TwwIX

    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    No, it wouldn't but it would certainly save what little reputation they have left among gamers.
  8. TwwIX

    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    Yes. I'd actually save the money for more worthwhile and innovative projects instead of continuing to funnel it into worthless and boring looking crap like this. Just like they should have done with Duke Nukem Forever and the sloppy PC port of Borderlands.
  9. TwwIX

    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    As expected, this looks very disappointing. From the AI and the piss poor sound design, downright to the gameplay. Also, what's with the over sized weapon models? Narrow FoV, i guess. Either way, this looks terrible and reeks of consolitis. Like most recent PC shooters. They should have given...
  10. TwwIX

    Fringe - Season 4 (massive S3 spoilers)

    I think it's safe to say that this will be the last season. The last episode's revelation and the fact that they're writing out major characters pretty much confirms it. Everything is unfolding and its feels rather rushed. I'd love to see at least another season but it's very unlikely that it's...
  11. TwwIX

    George Lucas: "Han never shot first"

    This only furthers the belief that he did not have much creative control over the original three movies. Hence them not sucking. The asshole won't even release the original theatrical versions of the movies because he thinks they're inferior to his digitally remastered versions with all that...
  12. TwwIX

    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    Explain the clunky gameplay mechanics of Borderlands then? Gearbox is nothing more than a glorified modder.
  13. TwwIX

    Aliens : Colonial Marines

    I don't have much hope for this after seeing what Gearbox did to Duke Nukem.
  14. TwwIX

    Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

    Here's some more gameplay footage Rather impressive for a one man development team.
  15. TwwIX

    Rayman Origins coming to the PC! What? A DRM free game from Ubisoft? Hell must've frozen over. This looks like a fantastic game judging from the gameplay footage that i have seen. Not to mention that it received great reviews as well. I'll...
  16. TwwIX

    Gettysburg: Armored Warfare This looks really interesting. It's a steampunk-ish RTS/Shooter hybrid.
  17. TwwIX

    Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater I have even more respect for him now.
  18. TwwIX

    prometheus (2012, ridley scott)

    Prequel or not. I can't wait to see this!
  19. TwwIX

    Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater

    He's by far one of the best stand ups that we have at the moment. He reminds me of George Carlin and Billy Connolly. A wonderful storyteller and just naturally funny. A rarity in stand up. This is a rather ballsy move of him to offer a whole new act just for a couple of bucks. I will be more...
  20. TwwIX

    Boardwalk Empire - Premieres on HBO Sept. 19th

    The last few episodes felt very rushed and i did not like the outcome at all. This season finale has already turned a lot of people off. Including me. Dexter gave me the same vibe after Season 4. I haven't even bothered watching the latest season.